Fix gemenititans sheild

Its definitely sheild advantage is quite strong, bitnthats not the sheild in talking about. I’m talking about instant group invincibility. It lasts 2 turns when it should only last one . For example, I use cloak, he uses invincibility, his invincibility should be go away and have been wasted. But no, it stays anyway, and that’s a problem. It should last one tim like all other instant sheild moves

GI is a raid move, this is the intended function as it allows you to shield your whole team in case a boss has 2 big hits one right after another


If you do that then reduce the cooldown of the move, but i think its fine now (1attack, 2turn) unless its 2 attack,2 turn it will be a problem

then why doesnt max get that… or dark helmut or tryk…whast good for the goose…

Max had that everyone got unhappy it was taken away.

exactly my point leave poor max alone even with that gemi has better stats 50 percent distraction comes to mind

Not really. People were unhappy that they took it away and gave it the OP version, so now it has a version that’s worse than either, but good in raids.

Apparently Ludia disagrees. It’s deliberate.

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I always thought the OP version was.the one that was changed. The 2 turn effective Invinc. Ardent got a raid Invinc that if.not hit would last 2.turns. Its current one disappears after 1 turn regardless.

Ardent got butchered in 2.1. Good thing its still usable in raids though.

It didn’t just last 2 turns if not hit, it did that if hit too (if the opponent was faster), which was what made it OP.
Before that, before 2.0, it was exactly the same as Gemini’s Group Invincibility is now for PvP.

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I know it was a mess then. No idea what was II supposed to be like. Glad we figured it out.

U cant one shot with cloak on a instandt i. Shield, it last 2 rounds 1 hit . When u hit the Shield the nekst time u hit it its gone migth just be all the visual glitches u se like its there but realy its not. Like if your dino get distractet and uses cleanse the grafick still show distractet even it is not.

All invincibilities are a mess except IIT. For example Orion can have invincibility up constantly if you don’t hit it twice in 3 turns. Gemini invincibility works as it should, eventhough there is no logic that IIT gets used by other priority moves, while other invincibilities doesnt.