Fix inconsistent abilities

This mechanics for counterattack and dominate does not make sense. For counter, the hero’s reaction to being attacked should be to ALWAYS attack an enemy hero. My dominated hero is still on MY team and this NEVER changes. Why would my own hero attack my own team regardless of being dominated?

For dominate, why does a hero move forward when they can attack someone? This usually does not happen, but YET AGAIN, this skill is acting in an inconsistent manner. Both need to be fixed to always have the same effect. Players should know what is going to happen with the abilities they are using!

When Dominated your character is under the control of the other team. So he’s temporarily fighting on their side. That’s why he attacks his own team.
The walking forward brings him within melee range and makes him/her easier to kill.

If MY hero is now on the other team, it should not trigger a counterattack when hit by the OTHER team as they are now on the SAME team. This does not make sense.

The walking mechanic does not always trigger and does not happen all the time, which is a problem as most expect the dominated hero to attack.

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