Fix Incubator start buttons!

Is there a way we can fix this? Move the button if you have to pay, add a confirmation button after, or something? Too many time I have forgotten I have out on an incubator and I’ll just automatically go to start one and Bam, down cash… if you don’t take the time to read the screen, the buttons are just too similar!


Yes, please! Confirm buttons on all purchases would be great.

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So I did it again tonight… Hit 4509 had full incubator slots, started one. Then fought 1 more match to get my last dino for daily incubator… After I hit the button to start an incubator and down 30 dollars again… Then I lost 100 trophies trying to refill the stupid slot…

Gonna bump this and hope Ludia sees, just stuck my phone in my pocket and somehow opened an incubator… This is crazy that there is no confirmation buttons!