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Fix It ALL or More Will Leave

  1. Matchmaking 4300-9000 is insane. Might be great for people in the top 500 but for those of us in bottom of Aviary it’s almost impossible to win a battle.
  2. Same 10 dinos over and over in Aviary battling with no variety. Can’t level up new dinos to use because DNA isn’t even available.
  3. Speed boosts being abused from the bug that allowed people to buy unlimited making their teams unbeatable in Aviary.
  4. I’ve spent about $1,000 on this game since I started in July and am totally regretting it at this point. It’s become less and less fun. Thought it was worth it because I was playing daily.
  5. I have team of average LVL26 tyrants but I have nowhere to go. The DNA is not available to get up to where others are and even if I do the speed boosts they purchased during the bug will prevent me from beating them. The skill portion that existed is gone in the arena for me at this point.

I try not to complain but I don’t see where I have a future in this game as it sits now. All I do now is daily strike events and collect coins/cash hoping there will be something to use it on later. I’m getting tired of waiting for something good.


It has been too long since the last correspondence, we need something asap! I’m trying so hard to hang in there and have put enough money into this game to buy a car. Team avg almost 28 and can’t win.


The only players that can compete are those who purchased as many boosts as possible when they were accidentally released.


Someone is winning all these matches, for sure.
They seem to be silent about it, too.


I dont see myself playing this game for long anymore. I did not exploit the speed boots but now I’m losing all the matches. My whole lvl 30 teams are trash now.

Ludia, at least,give me the chance to buy the speed boosts and catch up. Cap the speed tier at 8 for now.


Every day that goes by is one more forfeited daily mission reward. I’m not losing another 300 trophies for 100 Smiledon that’s for sure.


Yet ludia remains silent

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Contrary to what you think the macthup thing it isn’t great for those in the top 500 either. Teams are too similar oftentimes and with RNG you end up losing 50 more than winning 10 will do for you to hold your position.


The problem is everywhere in the arena. In th patch notes they mentioned that AI will be able to fight if no opponent is aviable. But this mechanic starts just at 4500 trophies. Correct me if I’m wrong :sweat_smile:
For a player like me at a trophy range from 3700-4100 this feature isn’t aviable but desperately needed. Boost creatures in health and attack seems ok but boosts in speed destroy all of that balance we got before.
Trophies lose its importance to me. The whole arena itself does as I’m not able to fight an equal or even a small benefited opponent but I face overpowered monsters. All smart play and tactic is worthless when a Thor outspeed it’s counters by far.
The situation is in free fall and I hope this game doesn’t crash at the bottom of forgotten games


I don’t buy it. When I have to face people with full LV30 teams with my LF26 average team it’s got to be helping them.

I face all lvl 30 teams that stomp me about as often as I face lower level teams that I stomp. And I can tell you I don’t like either. I miss the fun of battling and the strategy involved. I don’t enjoy 3-0 someone as much as I don’t like be 0-3.


Exactly what @Piere87 said. I smash teams all the time (not fun, feels like fighting bots) and I also Run into 200 Speed, 5K Health Magnas that kill 2 of my dinos before I can blink. (also not fun) Seems like strategy and skill are completely gone. Matchup you are handed and what you draw from your deck decide the outcome 90% of the time now. Hella Boring.


Shame? Regret? No one is fooled about the leaderboard right now. Those who used to be there (I once in a while, so I know) have been kicked off by insanely boosted (thanks to exploits) lower level teams and can’t get back on. And maybe it isn’t so much fun anymore to 3-0 lower Aviary players who had the misfortune to be matched with them. Where’s the fun and sense of accomplishment in that? There shouldn’t be any.

Ludia, please do something… I too have invested time and $ in this game and don’t want it to go away.

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I have a full deck of l30 makes no difference if you have ridiculously boosted l25 thors on steroids & low level erlidoms at Olympic level speed

In addition to OP’s excellent points Ludia urgently needs to revisit the trophy system. I was ~ 5,200 before the update and am now ~ 4,600. I didn’t suddenly forget how to battle. I have applied some boosts to my team available from battle incubators with a few HP/attack purchases when they were available (no exploits). But I keep losing more trophies than I should based on opponents’ trophy count. So I took some notes.

Apparently trophy loss is determined by opponents’ average team level (and/or highest - not entirely clear) more than their trophy count with no weight given to their boosts at all. Why am I losing 40 trophies when opponent has 200 more trophies? My team was level 23-28, avg 25.4; opponent’s 20-23, avg. 21.8 (lost 0-3 to ridiculously boosted Thora).

So if someone boosted their low level team to create unbeatable monsters they end up much higher than they would have been before the update; on the other hand, players who grinded their way to a high level team but didn’t exploit anything are now being punished by this algorithm.

Something is very wrong here.


For many it is true I would think, for me it is. Also, I in no way feel good about being placed against inferior teams. It’s pointless for all parties involved.I guess some super top end all tier 6/7 teams benefit like you say but not the whole top 500 that is for sure.

You don’t have to like it for it to be a problem for those inferior teams. See my suggestion in the Stat Boost announcement today. I think if they alternate restrictions on the arena through max type common, rare, epic, legendary, unique it would be great. Instead of tournaments make it a weekly change that alternates so those insane uniques are only good once every 5 weeks and we all get some dino battle variety. Also then the stat boosts would start appearing on everything instead of just uniques and a couple legendaries.