Fix it

So it seems that Ludia can come up with a quick fix for the leaderboard being blank, chat messages not appearing, ending the season early and starting a new one and countless others that annoyed us, how about a quick fix for the alliance trophy count constantly showing last place for whoever is playing? This has been going on for what, 2 months, maybe three? I know it doesn’t affect game play, but it is rather annoying. Where’s the quick fix for that? Or how about the promised ability to see when someone has been last online?? As an alliance leader, this is a crucial tool for me. It always shows <1 day ago which I know is not accurate. I think we as players would like to see a bug free game first before any new features, or creatures (DINOSAURS!! NOT MAMMALS!! ) are introduced.

New features and creatures are being developed in their own pace, I wouldn’t want those to be delayed.
And there’s nothing wrong with Cenozoics, as there is nothing wrong with Pterosaurs or Synapsids.
Figure out what the term “dinosaur” means before you make claims.
All your complaints have been posted many times before, though I do agree that the amount of bugs is ridiculous and should be fixed.


Totaly agree