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Fix Matchmaking for people with no boost please!

I reached a stage in the game that I am just stuck.
I have about 5300 trophies, 8 of the best dino of the game, Gemini, Ardentis, Smilo, Tryko, etc. and I can’t go up any further since months because of the damm BOOST.
I know, the game needs to make money, pay the employees, blablabla. Ok FINE. But why if I have 0, ZERO, NONE, boost on my whole team, I have to go against a 135 speed Thor !? a 140 speed Tryostonix. Or a 2000 damage Indo2, or a 2200 damage Erlidom, it is just UNFAIR. Or a 7000 health Stegodeus.
If I don’t have boost, why would you make me fight against someone that has at least 20 boost per dino ?
Keep the boost, ok, but fight someone with the same amount of boost. It is very rare to fight against other player which has no boost, and it is a delightful, I love it. Even if I loss. But the game is making me wanna quit every day a little more like this, and I love this game, it is a real pitty :frowning:

For some time now Ludia has determined that matchmaking will be based purely on trophies after you reach 5000.

So you’re basically stuck with it I’m afraid.

It’s no consolation to you, but I’m also unboosted at 4500 trophies and it’s even worse for me. At one point I hit 4750 trophies, and sadly I think I may have to resort to using the boosts I’ve built up if I want to progress any more. I guess it’s because there aren’t many unboosted players to match me with.