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Fix Matchmaking

Matchmaking is terrible. Make it where it matches you based on dinos/dino lvl. Every battle for me is a landslide win or loss. Worst pvp matchmaking ive seen in a turn based strategy game.


Yep 8 dinosaurs and you don’t get to pick the 4 you use.


You mean to say you don’t have at least 8 dinos you would want to use every single battle? Jeez if they changed it to 12 spots I’d still have enough to slot them in.

I actually think the battle system is pretty good. Yes strategy comes into play especially because of the fight team being made randomly from your top 8 - and I like that about it. It feels fair to me - I loose when the other guy is better and win when I am :wink:

@Viper69 am with you on that one!!! Limiting to 6 sometimes takes me ageeees to do :joy::joy:

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I feel the same way. It’s ok that the cpu chooses my dino’s but I also noticed in many cases it’s not fair. For example, I have a lv16 Raptor. I get my Raptor only once every 7 or 8 battles… while my opponents somehow have Raptors a lot more. In many cases the same level Raptor.

I have 4 slower but high hp dino’s and 4 faster but lower hp dino’s. And it happened more then a few times I get all my faster dino’s against opponents with much “bigger” high hp dino’s. So imho there definitely are flaws!

I don’t know if this ever suggested before. Every dinosaur should have rating points based on level and uniqueness (anyone come up with the formula?) Then matchmaking can be determined by sum of rating points in your current deck instead trophy points.

i am not having fun anymore while battling, matchmaking sucks


i totally disagree, had lots of fights against worse players but lose anyway because they suddenly pull up a LVL 30 draco or a 27 maxed up indoraptor agains my 22-24 slightly modded dino’s

Good luck getting them to listen. Your need to buy boosts, lots of them. Waste money to support their business model. The match making has ruined the battling.


If you do not have the money they will not listen.