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Fix Nublar Shores

Its been 2 months since Boosts 2.0 dropped. All I can say is, it was a mistake. The way boosts could be farmed, the nerfing of the value of boosts and worse the making of the top arena a punishment for those who actually want to progress.

When I first Nublar Shores, I was ecstatic. Finally seeing the beauty of the arena. The environment and the lighting was amazing. I was pumped to reach it over and over. Then came the 2 minute timer. Arena no longer was a quick 10 minute activity or a viable place to grind battles but a bad place. Losing streaks are normal. Losing streaks in which you take 30.minutes to get 1 incubator and lose 100 trophies which makes you still too high to be in Gyro but too far for crack at breaking your high score.

The reasoning is asinine. We do not want players to be able to farm boosts. As opposed to players buying them in store almost everyday. So peoplr willing to spend 10 hours playing your game and spending 40 USD to.get what others need 50 USD and 10 seconds to get is a bad thing? More player engagement is bad? Players being bad.

Remove the timer please. I dun care if you need to make Nublar Shores and Gyro Depot have boost limits or whatever. Stop making players waste time waiting for a battle if they do not want to. Doesnt help the player engagement beyond time but not satisfaction.

While you are at it, stop allowing the top 10 to be matched with anyone in Nublar Shores. We are not fodder for their enjoyment. I dun enjoy being beaten 10.times by Enshimaz1 all while losing 20.trophies every loss in a 1 hour period. I will always support this game if it brings me happiness and enjoyment. If I am being angered and frustrated every day while playing end game content then the game has something wrong.

I will quit the game if I cannot endure the constant abuse meted on me by Ludia’s knee jerk solutions.


I don’t think there should be boost limits or a different timer lol. It just makes players want to go down in other arenas I bet.

yup. i am now in Gyro Depot to avoid the 2min timer. Why bother to advance? Wastes my time.

Might wanna edit out the name and shame or the post will be moderated. Been there done that sadly.

With no level 30s, I bounce between gyro and library constantly. I have no desire to climb higher in the arena because there is no reason to do so. I haven’t experienced nublar shores yet but I’m sure I will make there eventually. When I do, I plan to just throw a bunch of matches to drop back to where I am now. That 2 minute timer sounds like nothing more than an unnecessary hassle and I want no part of it. I force close the game after waiting 30 seconds for a battle as it is, then try again.