Fix or Adjust Matching System

Does anybody know what metrics are used to match players in the boosted dino tournaments? Whatever they are im starting to think they need adjusted. I love playing in these boosted tournaments even tho none of my dinos are boosted. I would play even more if the matching system actually matched me with compareable dino levels instead of what im assuming is by rank. For example i have a few epics levels btwn 26-23. How is it that im constantly getting matched with 28-30 boosted dino teams and get destroyed 0-3 everytime. Just because i beat a few compareable teams to mine on my way up to a top 500 rank now i get matched with the “big dogs” and theres no point in me even playing most of saturday and at all sunday. Maybe im misunderstanding something here i just feel if im at rank 350 please dont match me with someone at 79.


This tourney & others like it r disappointing as there’s no actual matchmaking, it’s just gladiators to the lions, many players especially those who are still creating legendary & uniques haven’t had time & resources to further advance the lesser dinos, so many just do the 10 take downs for there alliance & let the top players scrap it out.

Matchmaking is probably the biggest issue with the game right now. Here are some reasons why it will push out new/old players alike from the beloved game Jurassic World Alive.

As all of you know I have always been a optimist about the game, I enjoy boosts & grind but the one thing I hate is matchmaking. It makes the game simply unfair and removes your excitement about trying to win a match while you know in your head “How in the world am I going to beat a team of LvL 26-30” but sometimes you do win and that’s wonderful. Although most of the time you will lose against these powerful players. Although feeling infuriated is much better than losing a player base. Why, if you have nobody to battle the matchmaking will keep getting worse and worse with less people to battle. But why do I think many people are going to quit playing well… people in higher arenas have no-where to progress because it’s being blocked by Level 30 creatures that block anyway of progressing further. This will rid peoples motivation from the arena entirely. Most players won’t quit the whole game, but instead just play the strike events/raids. This is a great solution to the problem but It will restrain matchmaking even more for the players that still play the arena. But the main issue is in the lower arenas. I have recruited one of my friends to test how the start of the game has changed since everyone first started playing the 1-2 years ago. And… a lot has changed (in a bad way) Legendary creatures bombard arena 3-5 and up, and this isn’t from dropping this is from the higher arenas bleeding down into the lower arenas and with that brings the powerful hybrids. This will mean the lower-level players will have to counter this with having their own legendaries which takes months to create. Which means they will probably give up in the process with little commitments so far. This will destroy the future player base which will slaughter matchmaking either further.

But there’s hope! The best way to save matchmaking right now is… add more arenas. This will stretch out the player base and will finally let players progress through the arena. Even three arenas would do wonders for this community, and Lucia doesn’t even have to make new arenas. Just use already existing ones: Raid arena, strike arena, trial arena, tournament arena. If Ludia would do this the community would be a whole lot happier :smiley: Sorry for the long post but I really want Ludia to understand what they are doing to their very own game.


Just relized I made that post way too long so here’s a summary of it:

The biggest issue with JWA is matchmaking. If Ludia doesn’t fix it soon then there will be monumental problems in the arena. These are issues are the lack of people playing due to frustration which will cause matchmaking to worsen. There is also issues in lower arenas as well because legendaries are filling it to its core. This will stop future users of the game to make matchmaking better. Ludia can fix this by adding more arenas.

Yesterday, My alt/Experiment account faced a level 24 Dracoceratops in arena 6. The rest of the creatures in that team were level 12-15. Just goes to show…

Couldn’t agree more , just as an idea do you think a cap at 6000 trophies from which once a player reaches they can’t move back only up , & that to create more arenas they go round the arenas again fighting only players suitably matched, obviously the rewards needs a reworking but the endgame is to go round the arenas as many times as you like eventually creating & boosting every Dino in the game, just a thought.

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I love that idea :heart_eyes: my only concern is if somebody gets past the border but then wants to bypass the border again because they realize it’s too challenging.

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Ok so how about once a month on reset you have the chance to drop back 1 arena , as a safety net so to speak , it would by n large allow players that want to forge ahead go for it , & allow players not ready for the adventure to hold tight , & drop back

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Perfect! That would be fantastic.

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Ok what are your thoughts on reworking the rewards , a graduation on coins or incubator or boosts or a mixture of all in some measures

I’ve made mention many times before that we should have an ELO system and rating just like Chess does. Do that, scrap the current Arena system and I think we’ll have better matchups, and better games all in all.


I suggest a ranking system. Here’s how it goes:

1 Win Streak: you earn a 3 hour incubator

2 Win Streak: you earn a 3 hour incubator

3 Win Streak: you earn a 8 hour incubator

4 Win Streak: you earn a 12 hour incubator

5 Win Streak: you earn a 24 hour incubator

6 Win Streak: you earn a 8 hour incubator

7 Win Streak: you earn a 8 hour incubator

8 Win Streak: you earn a 8 hour incubator


Although to prevent the occasional droppers your incubator contents will be based on what arena you are. For example if your in arena 5 you will get less dna than in arena 10.

Ok but what specifically would be the content like for example 100 coins, 200 dna of different types/ rarity etc, 5 boosts random, for a 3 hr & obviously increased amounts as the greater the incubators, you choose I’m easy about it , just remember it’s the other players you have to convince lol

This post was concerning the weekend boost tournaments. Not arena. As i feel you pain in arena that is why i do not play much arena. There is no basis in these tournaments on how your matched. Im in a top 150 alliance in the tournaments and i would say that 90% of our members get the minimum 10 dinos and stop because of how it matches people. Its complete bs. If i have 26-23 level dinos that what i should be matched up against. If i have 23-20 level dinos thats what i should be matched up against regardless of rank attained in tournament. There is no reward for playing for 8 - 15 hours each weekend when you constantly win/lose win/lose. I put alot of time into these tournaments and never got over 1400 pts with an average of 1200. There is no competetiveness here when you dinos are getting squashed every other game because it wants to match you with top 100 players with max level boosted dinos.

Another suggestion on something other than fixing the matching issues would be to swap the weekend tournament rewards. Usually the default 26s weekends are for coins and boosts where the advantage tournys are for dna. So you have top ranked players that already have way more boosts and way more dna winning the advantage tournys that rewards dna when its the lower level players that need the dna. Make the 2 default weekends for dna and the 2 advantage weekends for coins/boosts.

Yeah, sorry, but as we both agree there’s no matchmaking in tournaments so the conversation just naturally traveled into the arena issues of matchmaking, I like your ideas on moving the tournaments around to give the different level players a chance to reap benefits which might benefit them much better, when it’s an open tournament I don’t know how, without some form of matchmaking you’ll get around the level issue, but as you say players will do there 10 & look to the day when they have greater level Dinos