Fix Pachy!

I know there is more global important things going on in the game that they need to attend to. However, I feel like the classic jp2 dino Pachy is disrespected on this game.

First off no head charge move?? Huh? did you watch the movies even? Do you know this dino some? The shield attack should be replaced with a stun, infact an instant stun. Sino has that, Pachy makes way more sense to have that. Simply the epic alone should be more useful. Infact pachy even makes more sense to have the dumb rat dracoceratops move. But please don’t do that, then everyone will hate Pachy lol.

Now let’s go to the hybrid. It is the ugliest creature in the game. And strange enough that has been this games strong suit, making the dinos look good. But they didn’t do a great job on this one. As my favorite classic jp dino I can say I’m honestly let down. I evolved my pachy to lvl 20 now. I do not want that abomination unlocked.

Now some people like the design. Okay cool. However, imo this is disrespectful to make a cenzoic feature dominate the classic dinos features. You can hardly tell Pachy is in it. It’s just simply bad. Not worth one fuse because of how ugly it is. Sorry, you guys have done a great job on design. Not here though.

So can Pachy please get a 2nd hybrid at lvl 20? A lot of people have problems with match making, as do I, but the disregard to the classic dino actually throws me off way more. Based on the entire jp series. I’ve been a big fan and something is wrong here. I’ll email this to you all too.



Totally agree! When I first seen Cappy I thought it looked like one of those wild mangy dogs with a skin disease that causes their fur to fall off lol.

Also Pachy (as you seen in my thread) is now on my team, which is the first time ive ever used it ^_^.

I wonder if the reason it doesn’t have an IC is cause swap in stun? maybe didnt want two stuns? who knows =/

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I know its not a global tragedy, where everyone will get involved. But I was looking forward to something good I mean its a classic dino from the actual films. And that’s what I got. Some cat/dog mangey creature where you can hardly tell that Pachy is fused. I dislike it with a passion.

They won’t redesign I suppose, so I ask can it get another option, a 2nd hybrid at lvl 20… Yeah the swap in stun. It’s just crazy Pachy doesn’t have a head charge animation. It uses its head lol.

I think they don’t know this dino. I really hope something is done here. Like that’s my favorite dino, I’m not going to sit and watch it be used to satisfy that cenzoic erge. Its all good if they make a 2nd hybrid though.

And I don’t want to go after the designers they have been great. However not here, not this time.


Im putting together a video right now of me using my new swapping team for the first time, and Pachy is in it :slight_smile:

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Or the current hybrid could just get a redesign. We have seen that happen in the past with things like Suchomimus. Because I like the moveset and stats and everything about Smiloceph, just not the rat tail etc.


I also like its moveset its definitely the design that I dislike. Even if its mixed with a cenzoic, okay I can live with that. But I can’t find it in me to just live with its design right now. Seems like a really weird and strange cat.

Redesign or 2nd hybrid. I could live with any of those easily.

Obviously there is larger problems on the game right now. But I want to keep this wave in motion. As from what I know the model design team is separate from the code team.

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I found this today at Wal-Mart. What is this looking like some kind of Pachy g2 lol

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