Fix Phorex's swap-in attack before swap prevention immunity is a joke

Phorex is on a completely different level of broken because the (majority) of the problem is on the move and it’s programming, not necessarily the creature itself. An entire patch has almost passed where things like Edom Maxima Gemini and Thor of all things get an indirect nerf just because of bad programming on 1 creature/move and still no response on fixing it. Now next patch you have Grylenken following a similar path on swap pinning birds and then there’s the Acro/Lux hybrid with a swap in that despite no inheritance pins opponents. Swap prevention immunity will be useless if you don’t code things right, and a game breaking bug like that happening just because of simple error is a joke on itself. As pointed out by Mudkips, just change the effect from lockdown to swap prevention because things like this are just becoming a bad joke

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