Fix Spawns NOT Crits


There has been a survey Ludia released all based on Critical Hits. Whoever is complaining about the RNG needs to stop. RNG (Random Number Generator) is in every single game in existance including the simple card game of Go Fish; you don’t know what card you’ll draw, you don’t know what the other player has, and nothing is in your control. RNG is essential for any video game, otherwise they’d be so predictable they’d get boring in seconds. Heck, it’s even in sports; you have no clue what could happen, and even the best players/teams have bad days.

For those who complain, stop. You need to learn to play the game, regardless of what it is. Okay, pass to Dark Souls, fair enough. But crits are not the end of the world. RNG favors no one. Even if you get crit’d you can still turn the battle around. Can your opponent still surprise you on your last dino? Sure, but is it really that bad to lose to a critical hit? It happens in other games too, including Pokemon which haters keep chewing out like mad because of the generation we’re cursed by: “I want everything NOW”. It’s really sad.

Learn to straregize. Learn to play a tougher game than you’re used to. Not all games are created equal and shouldn’t have to be. Stop ruining games.

On the other hand, if there’s anything Ludia should fix, it’s the Spawns. Not only have the numbers decreased since the first 1.3 update, but now there’s hardly anything out there. All these Allos, not enough Sinoceras XD. No, seriously, the migration is supposed to be a thing, but I’m finding near nothing out there. Even Postime, which was a very common Epic hardly shows up. RareDilo is more like HardlySeenDilo.

As other people have been saying, baits wouldn’t be a bad idea. Meat for the carnivores, various flora for herbivores, fish for our seafood eaters, those would be nice.


I agree. The spawning issue is a far bigger issue.


Yeah the spawn is so poor, not talking about epics, even usefull rares are hard to find now and a lot tines there is no dinos around even commons, how can you do an ar walking game, when you must walk 1 km to catch one random commmon?


Send me your allos! I’ve been trying to get mine levelled since T-Rex never shows up here and since the update they’re rarer than most of the rares for me!

Seriously though, the spawns are bugging me now. I’m playing less on this game lately because the dinos I need to progress in the arena or the ones I need for my collection rarely show up for me. Even when I take a trip, I still don’t find a good variety of dinos like I used to.


Haha gladly! I actually see TRex on occassion, and it’s actually a more common Epic for me, but, now it’s hard to gague.

Exactly! Even the weekly events with how few spawn points there are and how many dinos we get to hunt for a few days gets to me. That’s another thing that needs fixing too: Park Spawns.


The reason your only seeing certain things is because they divided certain things into certain local zones.

This is a map of the area I live showing from where I find different local dinosaurs. The zones appear to be about 2 square miles.

Having said this, I hope they migrate occasionally. I live in the middle of L1 so I have to ride my bike a mile or more to get to an adjacent zone. The river doesn’t help because there is only so many places to cross. I did a 13 mile ride today dino hunting in order to map some of this out.
See web page.


It doesn’t seem to be a 2 mile grid. I feel it’s a 5 mile grid, each cell is 80% one local zones, and other zones scattered in the cell to occupy that 20%.


I get there’s zones, but that’s not the complete case here. The problem is there’s fewer to be found since the first 1.3 update, and the migration was supposed to rotate the dinos around, but everyone is finding the same “pigeons”. I’ve taken a look at that article many times, and I can’t figure out the zones around here to save my life. The migration threw that out the window too, as did spawn updates.


I definitely agree that the spawns issue is what needs to be addressed. Not the critical hit. IE my post “Spawn Decrease Since Update”. Lots of like-minded comments. Please address your fans actual concerns Ludia. This is how companies die out by not listening to its fans! Don’t you die out on us Ludia don’t you do it!


I’d like to see a rotation every 2 to 3 weeks. I have my zone dino DNA coming out of my ears. I usually just ride north to the next city 2 miles away for the dinos in L2. I did that the last few weekends. I decided to ride south to find the change over point and see what local areas were there based on what I would find.

There is a legendary I want to work to get but I need certain dinos from L4. I’m only level 11 with it and need to get to 15. I’d like to see a migration north so I could live in the L4 zone for a while.

The bad thing is that where I work and live are both an L1 zones.


i totally agree by this time on a Saturday i would of ran out the door with my phone and my girls phone in hand chasing after a few different dinos. i look at the map and theres only a couple commons looking lonely out there…


Im not sure how the migrations work but most days I will be able to get 3-5 rares a day from my living room… Today I have seen 3 epics and 5 rares in the roughly 5 hours Ive been up. The spawns are fine I think, sometimes youll nust be in a dead zone

Update- drove 30 miles to visit my parents. I found 3 trexs and 4 other epics and dozens of rares. I had to stop darting or it wouldve taken hours to get there. Spawns are fine from what Im seeing

Updated update- drive home, 2 more epic trexs, 4 other epics and waaaayyyy too many rares to dart… Maybe clearwater is just a hotbed but Im seeing a lot of rare or bettet dinos


Oh they’re listening to their fans, unfortunetly it’s the wrong ones that keep getting through.


I find the spawning of rares and epics come in waves, no predictable time I can tell.


I hope the migration doesn’t happen too soon. B4 the update I had never even seen a Parasaurolophus and now they spawn regularly by my house. Still need a few thousand more DNA to get to 15 and start my Tragodistis.


I was always seeing them even before the update. Wait, let me go find my transport units…


I’d kill for a epic to show up within the circle, you must live in a city or highly populated area. Out here in the country this game is slacking sufficiently. Spawns are crap 24/7 since update and everything that does spawn is always outside the circle.


I agree, very well said. Without the Random factor, it’s not a game. In this game, “Random” is going to work in your favor half of the time.

I think the people who are complaining just think they should never lose.


Agree. I took the survey. I’ve been getting whipped more lately, but I don’t blame unfair crits. I need more spawns, and coins, to get my dinos to higher levels.


More spawns looks great all i see now are apatossaurus,alossaurus,drakorex gen 2,suchumimo… 2-3 rares per day and 1 epic per week when im lucky
Hard to upgrade my team this way no parks neadby too so no events for me either