Fix the 2 for 1 legendary offers

Instead of the current 2 for 1 legendary pack offers that no one wants to buy because they might end up with 2 chest pieces, make it like the silverhand packs where you can get 2 of a specific legendary you want. You will make more money this way.


One way to fix all this is to add a passive ability to all these useless chest pieces and allow them to be useful in different situations…

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This is been mentioned several times in the past. For unknown reasons ludia wont fix this or explain why they are leaving the chest pieces useless. @Keith is there an answer for this yet?

The simplest thing would be to vary the stats between the different levels of armor. So for example
Common: more AC
Rare: more Attack
Epic: more Hit points
Legendary: more Damage
Make it a big enough boost that players actually cared, and so that wearing a piece a few levels lower would still give you a bonus in that stat although at a cost to the other three.

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But armor having no abilities waters down the loot pool exactly how they like it… they want us to have chances at items that do nothing so people will continue to buy packs when they get hosed with Armor trying to chase items they actually want. Predatory mentality to feed in the “gamblers”.

I think giving the armor certain attributes as he mentioned will actually spur people to buy more packs, everyone has the same chances so you’re not favoring anyone. When folks know they won’t have a complete waste of a purchase they will be far more inclined.

After I spent 5000 and got 3 chest pieces I swore I would never buy another one of this packs and havent since. If all the items were good I would be buying them every time they came up.