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Fix the Ankylosaurus achievement ASAP

Completed today only, lost 2 and finally a nice guy let me win… I really wanted to thanks him


Didn’t work for me last week. I think Ludia have already admitted it’s bugged.

I too have lost countless trophies and still not claimed the reward, which is annoying as i’ve let 3 different players beat me which took an eternity of swapping in and out the same 2 creatures as not to hit the poor little guy, unfortunately creeping up to dropping 2 arenas, the favour wasn’t returned, even when i’d clearly won the match and swapped him in I just got the laughing emoji and the 1 shot, so I gave up. I feel like a dropper too.

Wait for the sloth achievement then. That one is brutal.

Win 35 battles with a full team of commons?
I’m working on it. And I might the the tournament lord achievement while I’m at it. I dont care about tournament placement, so I’ll drop a lot while I play with commons

Do you have any advice on what a good team of commons would be? I can’t quite figure it out having used different teams of commons for an hour and getting 5-6 wins

Not really. Just been trying different things.

They didn’t think a single time before making these stupid achievements, How to win 35 battles with common team when monolos are roaming every where in aviary…
Same with darting epic creatures…how do I get 6 to 10 direct hits on single epic with one drone, I’m only capable of getting 3-4 direct hit… As I’m very bad at shooting.

Glyptodon, Miragaia, Veloci, Sloth, Draco, Triceratops, Einiosaurus, Gallimimus, Tanycolagreus Allo, Sarco are options that work

Or if you have a nice common advantage team, drop and create havoc in arena.
Either way, it’s not a quick one.

I think it’s why they created Megi. Find one, and keep trying. Change your drone to find the best one for you.