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Fix the banning system

There are still a lot of people getting banned or have been banned in the past and are suffering from the consequences they dont deserve. The banning system just picks random people and (perma)bans them while the actual hackers rule the leaderboards in arena. Once you have been banned there is nothing you can do to fix it, ludia doesnt even reply to you anymore. I have been banned and now i cant get any arena rewards. I was banned for hacking, cheating, or spoofing. When I asked proof they just ended the conversation.

Ludia needs to fix their banning system and the way they treat banned people.


File complaints with the play store either Google or Apple

And what is Google or Apple to do about it?

Its an in game issue.

My daughter got a temporary suspension for hacking/whatever. That time using outdated but official iOS and the App from the App Store.

I have current iOS but also the App from the App Store.

It would not surprise me if the same would happen to me - sooner or later.

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I was banned the same day as the new update.
It’ s weird because they never tell me what i done to get the ban ( i send a mail to ludia).

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You should read Lydia’s response to getting a temporary ban. They state that your account is considered a hacker account from the first time getting the ban. They do not give thawfest rankings for hacker accounts. And several other penalties are also tacked onto that account. Go ahead send them an email and read the response.

Be a bit less harsh. Kids could be reading this.

Lucia’s response is total garbage. You get a vague email saying that you were banned because you were hacking and that they won’t respond to any other emails or ingame messages.

I’m not even being harsh, I just told what happend to me and a lot of others

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This isnt me trying to be rude or petty or anything, but I’ve noticed @Ned has responded to a lot of the topics with the same amount of likes and replies as this one but hasn’t responded here. Is there a reason for this?

Well, this is probably the last reply on this topic. In conclusion, ludia doesnt respond to anything regarding bans because they dont even know how to come back from the mistakes they made with their garbage banning system. Everyone who was banned has to suffer the permanent punishments eventhough they dont deserve it. Seriously, ludia has a specialty of making great games and then ruining them over time. And @Ned if you are reading this, I think its cowardly to not own your mistakes or at least undo the permanent damage that has been done to the playthrough of many players. I think I’m done with the game, but I’ll stick around to see how ludia messes up next time. Goodbye.

Hey there, Captain_sparrow. Sadly, I don’t have further information regarding the exact procedures our team uses regarding this. However, if you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to use the “Contact Us” button on the main menu of the game, and our team would be happy to take a closer look at this for you.

You can also email our team through the email address provided here on this post:

Well first off all, thank you for responding. I apologize for the way I described your actions, I was angry at the time and it didnt look like I was ever getting a reply. I get that you guys are doing the best you can to fix the banning system. the contact us button doesnt help, because ludia always responds with the same answer, saying that they can not talk about bans or anything related. When there is a solution to unban the innocent players, please let us know.

the post from Marcus doesnt have a clear response, it’s the same as support says to me. Anyway thanks for trying.



I can understand well that bans are not discussed.

Especially the how to.

One can state as a mother I could not imagine what my offspring is capable or not.

My offspring is well over the teenage stadium and not even half as keen on how her devices work than what I am.