Fix The Bloody Arena

I’ve had it with these unbalanced matches. I wouldn’t even bother with the battle arena if it weren’t for the daily’s. The below screen shot is my example, and have about 7 mor matches before that one, just like it. Arena is broken beyond all recognition. Please do something about this. No new dinos, no new sanctuary stuff just the arena please.


I wish they would fix it, I just lost a match because my dino’s moves wouldn’t load correctly.

Actually they shouldnt fix arena. They tried in 1.7 and what you see is the result. Players with overpowered dinos being kicked down to Marshes. Mind you these are whales so Ludia wouldnt want them to quit.

Now its back to the original matchmaking, trophies over “power”. So give it about 2 months for the teams to sort themselves out

What makes you think it’s fixed? I thought it was fixed when 1.8 dropped. I climbed up 400 trophies until the new pvp tourney began. Then dropped 500 trophies and while Ive improved my roster and made it stronger (3 level 30s, 3 level 29s, 28 and 25) I’ve had no option but to battle full level 30 teams. How is that fair? How does someone go down, lose trophies when also improving their team?
Its as if I improve my team, then the bar gets set higher and higher so it’s impossible to progress.
They have to fix it. I will soon have 5 level 30s on my team yet it feels my opponent gets stronger and stronger the stronger my team is. Ridiculous.

With the level of bugs introduced with any change, it is hard to ask them to fix anything.

They haven’t fixed it. Trophies matter next to nothing. Nothing like 1.6. It should go back to that. Who cares if people drop arenas on purpose. Its not like the entire player base at the top arenas are dropping. Personally, I’d never drop on purpose, Ive grinded to hopefully stay and improve being in the top 500. Im sure others think the same.

Go back to how it used to be. 1.6.

Don’t think that ever would work with boost-story.

Sure it would. It would take some time for things to level out and they would have to take away the reasons for dropping but eventually you’d have close matches without issues. The occasional dropper to get easy trophies was easy to deal with compared to this. And a daily decent coin prize for trophy count can stop a lot of them.

It should be changed back. It is really bad now.

I meant the matchmaking. Matches were based on trophy count. Boosts whether we like it or not are here to stay. But at least fix the mm.

What if matchmaking was improved to consider all the matchmaking algorithms AFTER the team has been picked for you. So it makes it more fair on what dinos RNG picks for you

Keep aiming to be #1 . Collect more DNA.

Really i think ludia take over when you are winning
3 or 4 .i was doing well until they put some crazy unfair team and lose 6 in row . When go up they make sure that
I go back down. They put some speed of 135 to 156.
Thor…indo…erlydominus…indoraptor…and more