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Fix the Brawl system!


so, am i the only one who doesnt like the brawl? theres a lot of things that need to be modified to make it really enjoyable.
first- leveling up dragons is way to hard and tedious! there needs to be an option that allows players to buy tokens for each individual dragons instead of buying packs and hoping youll get a few tokens for the only dragon youre trying to level up, cause honestly, thats just ridiculous!
second- an easier way to get more champion tokens please! cause right now, thats practically impossible and it takes for-ever!
and lastly raising up stages also takes way too long, like how am i supposed to make it to stage 4 when im stuck at 8000 points trying to get to 14 000 points by winning only a maximum of 40 points per win? this stuff takes litteral months to do! fix it !

anyway those are my suggestions for the brawl, feel free to add some and share your thoughts


Amen I feel there is no way to at least break even, let alone win!


The main problem is that there is really no point to level them because your computer opponent will always be 1-2 level above you. So why even bother?


I agree with you and especially with Jack_Blades. I complained and all that happened was I was told that if I wanted to win I had to lose several matches so the system would drop the level of “challenge” I had to face. I was also told the greater the challenge the greater the rewards for winning, but that was a bunch of doo doo. There are almost no rewards for winning. And it does take forever to upgrade dragons. I find it fascinating that going up against identical dragons of the same grade, they inflict 3x the damage per turn on me as I can on them. And on multiple occasions (usually when I am in the advantage) they miraculously start getting multiple turns, or my dragon gets skipped until I am wiped out. From the help it says some dragons have faster recovery and get more turns, but its strange that those dragons appear almost exclusively on my opponents’ teams. I believe they are using an AI algorithm that learns our strategy and then compensates over time. Also it seems all opponents are AI, and I think its lame that they use “Guest #” to try to make us think its real people. A “Guest” player would not have Grade 13 Dragons


so, am i the only one who doesnt like the brawl?

Nope. I loathe it. I wish they would get rid of it. (Although… gauntlets can be okay, even though they’re equally rigged.)

I was also told the greater the challenge the greater the rewards for winning, but that was a bunch of doo doo.

Yup. You get the exact same rewards, no matter what.

A “Guest” player would not have Grade 13 Dragons.

Um… this guest has up to rank 16 dragons, thank you… what’s really bogus is that the computer gets champion dragons at (or above) your best rookie rank.


My biggest issue is that Brawl is a bit boring and repetitive (and sometimes buggy). If Brawl is hard, you’re either new and don’t have many good brawl dragons, or haven’t figured out you shouldn’t be upgrading the Brawl dragons too much since your opponent levels are based on your strongest dragons’ levels. Mine are all grade 11 or below, and I’m easily in Arena 7 (43k points).

Champion dragons are strong but not unbeatable. My “standard brawl team” uses 3 champs and it’s far from invincible. Yes, I’ve been playing for months and I have all the champion dragons at grade 11 (except Champion Catastrophic, which is still stuck at grade 10), but I don’t think I’ve ever ended up stuck at a certain arena level.


Sure… but it’s a bit of a cheat that they’re the same level as the opponent’s other dragons, when I strongly suspect most real players’ champions lag behind their highest level dragons by 3-6 levels. (At least mine do. I have a couple 16’s, but my champions are 13, 11, 11, 10.)

Anyway, the problem with brawl is that it’s unwinnable by design. Your best bet, if you want to make real progress, is to intentionally lose (or even surrender) 1-2 fights for every fight you win. You’ll still make progress this way, but it should help counteract the game jacking up the difficulty to the point that you have no hope of winning.


I agree with you!


Can this be fixed? This is happening more often.


Why even bother leveling them?

On a side note, I don’t consider being forced to lose some of them “unwinnable by design”. If the game is designed so that you beat everything, then I’d say there’s something wrong with the design. The way it’s implemented isn’t great, but that leads to my next point.

All in all, I think Brawl’s biggest problem is that it feels like an afterthought. It’s buggy. The dragon ordering sometimes don’t update properly, and the bug like LaurelLeaves has posted happens every once in a while. Not to mention there doesn’t seem to be any changes to it ever since I started playing.


Hey LaurelLeaves, thanks for reporting this. Our team is aware that there could be certain visual issues with the Brawl and they’re still investigating. If you hadn’t already contacted our support team, reach out to them here at with that screenshot and your support key to assist them in the investigation.


It is an afterthought. It was added to the game after it had been out a while… and, yeah, IMO its addition made the game worse. (I’m not the only one that feels that way, either; read through some of the app reviews…) Gauntlet seems to be an attempt to salvage it, and in fairness, gauntlet is okay, except that they tend to alternate between really easy and impossibly hard. And your opponents are also scaled to your dragons. At least in gauntlet, though, there is strategy, since after losing a fight, you know who your opponents will be and can choose your own team accordingly.

That’s a good question. In fact, my advice to new players would be: DON’T. Alas, for me it is too late for that.

I suppose if you can max them out, then maybe the computer doesn’t cheat and get higher levels than you can achieve, but I wouldn’t bet on that.


I’ll send them the screenshot tomorrow…thanks


Brawls make it enjoyable​:+1:. I regularly(75%+ beat 3 dragons from 18-20 ranked with 18 ranked Stormcutter,16 level ranked Skrill(red), and varied BoneK, and Snaff… A lot of variables…:left_right_arrow:


The biggest problem with Brawl, and what many people fail to realize, is that the opponents’ dragons are ranked according to your best three dragons. So say your best are levels 13-13-12, you will never fight against AI dragons lower than levels 13-13-12, even if you don’t take your three best to the fight - hence why some people complain that it’s unwinnable.

If you do take your best three dragons, it’s very possible to win often. Now for every fight you win, the AI’s cumulative level will be raised 1-2 levels for the next fight, and if you lose, it will be lowered the same. The AI’s level will be reset after a certain time (12-24 hours).

Why is it such a problem? Because as has been mentioned many times in this thread, there’s absolutely no point in leveling up your highest level dragons, because the AI will also level up, which means that your lower level dragons will be outclassed, and hence useless.

A simple solution would be to set the AI’s cumulative level at the same level (plus any additional levels accumulated from fights won) as the CURRENT team of dragons selected, instead of the highest three. It would make more sense and would allow anyone to use any dragons from their stable and be competitive. Also leveling up would mean something.


Well said! And to be precise, the 3 dragons of the computer opponent are always 1-2 level above your highest level dragon. So leveling up one dragon could be a dangerous thing. My working team is stormcutter lvl 16, def thunderdrum lvl 14, dagur skrill lvl 16. I’ve got enough tokens to raise stormcutter to lvl 18 and dagur to lvl 17, but I refrained from doing so and am patiently waiting to raise d thunderdrum to lvl 15, which takes forever (still need 700 tokens and get 1~2 each day. Meanwhile, I keep getting tokens for dragons that I would never use).


I have not intentionally stopped leveling and I just learned to use my top 3 dragons. An 18 Dagurs Skrill, an 18 Stormcutter, and a 17 Smothering Smokebreath (also have a lvl 16 Exotic Bone Snatcher that I use in some Gauntlets). Currently at 78k trophies getting only 33 per win.

I don’t play a match unless I have a card to open, so I’m not just running it trophies for small resource wins. I win about 80% of the matches. I have no problem ever completeing the Gobber “win 3 in a row” quest. I’ve also completed the “Win an identicle fight” achievement, which I hear is one of the hardest to finish.

With that said, Brawl has just become another add on. I knew from day one we were not facing real “players”, even when they initially claimed we were. I don’t entirely agree with people who say not to ever level the dragons, up, but I do think you need to level your favorite team first and let the others follow. There are only certain opponent combinations I get where I know I’ll lose.

I also don’t agree that it takes too long. Games like this are marathons, not sprints. It is supposed to take months to do! Otherwise it would get boring.

My current wish list for Brawl is to give me a chance at earning Cloudjumper again. He is the only dragon I do not have unlocked.


No actual fixes will ever happen they will just mask it or add new stuff to make more money and distract you all. Ludia is corrupt money hungry and disrespectful. Dont spend time or money playing there games