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Fix the crit rate of Thor!


I have lost like 5 matches in a row because of the ridiculous crit rate of Thor. He crits almost every time, while he ‘only’ has a crit rate of 40%. I feel like this is a problem that needs to be handled.


It’s just RNG. Thor either crits almost every time or almost never. Mine now crits once every full moon.


When that thing starts getting crits, seems nothing can stop it. But in general I feel it’s correct for 40%. The problem is being 40%! That’s A LOT for a beast like that! =)

But I personally get more annoyed with Trykos. They crit me as much as Thors (even more because of the counter), and the rate is 30%…


Porblem come only from his stats…
I mean does the dev games have looked at his stats??
Way faster than a T-REX,Biggest amount of crit,Huge health pool (lvl 26, -150 in comparision of T-rex),Huge attack (1640,one of the biggest of the game)
Of course he is completly OVERPOWER and of course because its broken ,those who use it say:
of course…so we have only one way to beat a broken weapon?
Let me list the things which counter shields users,nullifying effects,defenses shatterings,evasive…
So clearly he need a double nerf!
And he is not alone in this case,nerf his hp and dmg and nerf the instant stun ability (reduce the dmg done)


He is a unique, he should be powerful. Thor can be bled, stunned, distracted, it has no shield and no armor. Plenty of ways to fight against. No need to nerf.


Thor is pure power. That’s his thing. He doesn’t need to be fixed. He can only be used once in a match and he can easily be killed. Yes, he’s going to do some damage. Deal with it.


As the old saying goes, if you can’t beat them… you know the rest :wink:




Just another guy who has no clues how to counter it…read the comments below yours. Someone have you the suggestions.

Also, if it is indeed that powerful, why don’t you create one yourself but asking to nerf it? It’s not that hard compared to other uniques.


“i can’t counter it so,because im smart,i will use it”
such a clever boy,you want a candy?

Im aware of bleeding and its not efficient enough when he take you down one dino in one waiting 3 turn to see 2 dino down is VERY efficient ,thank you for your “pro” tip,maybe next time you will tell me to use dracocera?ROFL

Guys of your kind don’t help to balance the game.
Keep continue to use evasive stance and talk me about strategy


Appearantly you think you are smart but actually not.

You can read other comments later to see how many ppl support you. The above comments already show that you are the minority.


Of course,tell me which % of the player write comments on this forum?
And in which arena are them?
So,give me proof instead of talk.

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There are many more things out here in this game that make no sense, thor just isn’t the shinest turd.
There’s one thing your enemy hides in his team at the beginning of each game. Once you plan your 3 moves ahead, it just come out to headbutt your dino to dust. Nerd this maybe? -NO! It should :fork_and_knife:right off this game


the crits are needed now for draco. sorry…


they should create a unique draco which get 40% crit aswell to counter his counter no? :slight_smile:


oh yeah that makes total sense man.


they should just make an easy button for you.


You don’t understand the joke…
I mean,you want to fix the game by taking reference a broken dinosaurs?

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Definitely. You wanna beat a Thor? Use utahsino. I can guarantee a kill. Quit complaining about Thor, it’s raw power. That’s like saying T Rex needs a nerf just because it ha the most damage in the game.


My Thor has been beaten many many times by different dinos like Indoraptor, Utarinex, Utasinoraptor, Trykosaurus and even an overlevelled Stegodeus.