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Fix the flyer distance


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Agreed, this is ridiculous.
The drone is in the air.


If memory serves, that was their reply, that the additional distance represented how high above you they were. My thought then was the same; isn’t my drone also in the air?

Found the post:

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So my drone has to fly higher above flying dinos rather than ground ones? That makes 0 sense, regardless of how high the flying ones are Id still be shooting from the same distance above

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What Ludialogic is saying is the distance represents how far your drone has to fly not only horizontally but vertically as well before it can shoot. Throwing arbitrary numbers here but say your drone has to be 12 meters above a dinosaur to shoot at it and flying dinosaurs fly 60 meters above the ground. If you were right on top of a ground dinosaur your drone would need only travel 12 meters vertically but if it were a flying dinosaur you would need to fly 72 meters vertically. Now if you were 100 meters from the dinosaur your drone would need to fly about 100.72 meters for a ground dinosaur and about 123.22 meters for a flying dinosaur.


That actually does make sense. If you think about it like you are holding the drone in your hand before launching, it would have a greater distance to travel before being able begin darting a flying creature, so it would use more battery.

I hadn’t considered that before and was in the “isn’t my drone also in the air?” camp. Thanks for the enlightenment. :smiley: :+1:

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I agree with the science behind it but this is a game

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