Fix the game too many basic level bugs!

First of all fix arena loading process. Every 3-4 arena fights my phone either crashes and game shuts down (samsung note 8) or it stucks at loading screen forever or when i enter the fight, a message appears saying something about error with my connection.
I play many games and D&D is the only one having connection or loading issues so its not my phone’s problem.

And here is the second bug.

Quiet often even tho im not facing a boss it shows me its health bar.

Now the third

From the picture you cant understand what is going on but i ll try to explain. When i am facing this boss and has its clones out and he attacks and i COUNTERATTACK at the next whole round all my heroes cant attack. It shows the targets, i can move, i can use defensive skills but i cant attack. Frustrating when this dungeon is the hardest and takes effort and time.

I ve noticed more bugs and issues i ll post it the next time after screenshoting them. I liked the game, i ve paid hundreds of dollars and i believe its my right to demand such basic common bugs to be fixed.
Come on devs its not even a beta its supposed to be a complete and ready to play game!