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Fix the game!

There are many issues that people are facing and many aren’t happy. I do have my main reason for this post and that’s alphas. They’re just unbelievable at 10 stars. Not sure how it is from 9 stars down but 7 million health is not enough!

As you can see, these images (belonging to someone else) show our Violet Death. With only 20 people hitting and still 19 hours remaining leaving many doing 3-4 hits while 5 didn’t do 1 hit yet including me. You can see the problem here is that their too easy. Remember months ago I argued that Shellfire was too easy and had this high risk high reward (for damage) idea. Now it’s applied it all alphas. Their too easy to defeat, especially for 10 stars. Could you please buff the health of 10 star alphas or rework the damage alpha abilities do against our dragons/counter damage to make it more even. We won’t be able to do this challenge in 1 alpha anymore if we’re doing less than 5 hits…

As for Toothless, he turned into a Giraffe. Bring back regular Toothless :eyes:
The crossbreed duties are still at 2, they need to be 1 as you said.
There is Screaming Deaths tile boards freezing/breaking.
Does anyone else agree, 5 stars are too easy to obtain from breeding? I do see a lot of Sawmaws and Murmurquills being breeded… (Edit, it’s really my opinion or I’m just lucky this week)
Then there’s this

:point_down: :point_down::point_down:
I fell sorry @shortySTK has been having issues with support for her game. It’s really sad she can’t recieve anymore support and she’s deciding to leave the game. Fix that bug too at least… and we would like @shortySTK to recieve support again like everyone should be! :smiley:


@Yohomie those scores are incredible. Has anyone received extra energy?

I agree that @shortySTK leaving the game is incredibly sad. She has always tried to keep the entire community positive and supportive.


I have received extra energy, so have some other members in my clan.

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Agree with everything except breeding. Do not think a lot of people would be breeding 5* all of a sudden. Maybe few lucky individuals. Have not had a single 5* since the update and I have had the 5 times bonus for number of tries now…


This is 4 hits (I‘m already regenerating) on 10 star Violet, including one bad hit as I had to figure out that Ludia changed abilities without changing the description … I think some of the people in the first few places received some extra energy, but not me.
My hits are at the range of 80k-150k now, mainly around 90-100k. Before the update I had scores from 20k-60k, mainly around 35-40k. I’m doing more than double of my previous damage now and recharging each Alpha, so I can do 8 hits instead of 6 on a regular basis.
Alphas need more health, I completely agree with everything @Yohomie said, but just as him I think Alpha’s issue needs to be dealt with asap.


I agree with everything Yohomie said except breeding. A few people simply got lucky breeding and they got it. I know plenty people who have yet to get a single 5 star from breeding ever since the update has been out with max breeding boost including myself speeding up 10 times at least. Gonna get some runes later to speed up some more! :smiley:

These buys really need to be fixed though, while I have yet to experience any, I can see how annoying they can be to other people.


how many times do you guys hit ? 3 for everyone ?


@FarmerJay Show us your remarkable hits :joy:

Yes I had 6 hits for this Alpha. But thats not the issue here. My damage is raised with more then 100% after the update and the HP of the 10* is not even rasied with 30%. Before the update all the big clans had no problem with taking down a 10* in less then 6 hits per player. Now the Alphas is way easier and also the energy get refilled for each Alpha. Unless Ludia wants all clans to beat infinite 10* , I cant see why they made this change. Imo the 10* needed a big buff, not a nerf. So unless there is like 20* Alphas now, this is a weird choice.

Just to point it out. Its not like im a big P2W player. The only money I have tossed into the game is Flight Club. So its not like I have a god roster or anything. My lowest hit on the Alpha @Yohomie has posted was 145k. And this is my biggest hit:

So its very consistent and not just a few lucky hits.


Haven’t fought enough alphas yet to say if overall much easier… and can’t comment on 10*!
Breeding is NOT too easy for 5* - I still haven’t got one with full breeding % and some speed breeding. There have always been a few very lucky people who got 5s without much struggle - that just hasn’t changed. Keep the breeding with the new boost PLEASE! It makes me do more breeding, others probably do too - people will be buying runes.


Our thoughts from LionHeart goes with @Yohomie regarding the imbalance of overpowdered force. Whilst the addtion of alpha skills is enjoyable, the overpowdered score from the hits put this all off and our top tiers finished two 10star alpha is less than 5 hits per head in the clan, which is very sad indeed. This need to be balanced out and Fixed.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, Vikings.
I’ll let the team know so that they can take everything into consideration.


I have been trying to breed a five star since March and I have never done it. So your complaint About five stars being too easy to breed is purely based on your luck. It is not the majority of us.

Also, my clan is reaping the benefits of the new Alpha system. I’m not saying balance isn’t needed, but too easy for you guys at the top tier doesn’t mean anything to me when we are struggling in the middle tier. We had a bunch of people quit the game and leave the clan so our strength is nowhere near what it used to be. Alphas had become a struggle.

And please don’t mistake my tone for aggression, I reread this like 10 times and I hope I don’t sound like a jerk.


Please don’t listen to that guy about breeding five stars, it is not too easy. I have never done it and I’ve been playing since March.


Yeah, I’m still getting mostly 3s even with full breeding boost! Definitely not too easy!
Us mid level players need a little boost…


I tried for nearly 2 weeks to breed another 3 star Deathgripper. Nothing but 2 stars. I finally stopped trying.

My clan family has 100+ members and we’re very happy to share achievements with each other, especially regarding breeding 5 stars. All I can say is that I saw a significant rise in the amount of five stars being bred since the update. And from my point of view it’s too much. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for my clan mates, but if it goes on like this it won’t take long for everyone to have a bunch of such good dragons and the challenge of combining teams is gone.


Yeeeah… and no.
You’re struggling? That’s, actually, a good thing. That’s exactly what @Yohomie want. But like you said we are top tier and we stop having fun in the game because, for us, it’s to easy.
10* alphas are supposed to be the harder dragon in the game to defeat… And it falls after only two slaps.

I think what Yohomie said is not “This game is too easy for every single player, even the one that just download it and has just 2 star dragons” but more “We, late game players, need new challenges. We have no fun by connect once every few hours, run some quest with auto-battle, damage the alpha we got today and leave. We want some puzzle, some hard challenge and, for now, the hardest thing we got just become too easy”
It may be fix by new content (alpha level 15? more campaign? challenge mode? anything) or making the content we already have harder. Guess what would be faster for the development team.

For breedery, I agree, even the boost make breeding a 5* hard / expansive.


Since what’s left of my clan took down a 5 star in less than 2 hours today, alright, I will walk back what I said about the Alpha difficulties.

I am glad we agree on the 5 star breeding. Since the breedery boost I have managed to max out several times and still only managed 3 stars from the 4 star pair I had been trying. I highly doubt anyone has to worry about 5 dragons overrunning the game.

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Please send your groups’ lucky RNG this way, a quick query to our chat and no one present has ever bred a 5 star.