Fix the game

I know you’re already thinking about what you can cram into another tournament in the next week or so…

I know you’re gonna drop another one of those abominations.

But before you do, please, for the love of god, fix the game.

The damage preview has not been accurate since the flyers update. It inaccurately calculates armor and shields and in some cases will even show you whether or not your attack will hit through a cloak.

Math isn’t that hard, but when you’re going to Cleansing Impact an armored dinosaur through its shield while under attack reduction it would be nice to know whether that attack will finish a dinosaur or leave it on 5 health.

Also add a concede button. I don’t know if you play your own games but ladder is miserable at the higher ends of arena. If somebody opens with a level 30 Stegodeus I just force close the game and wait for my loss.


Yess, All of this! :arrow_heading_up:

I’d like to add:

  1. smaller trophy ranges for PVP marching
  2. it’s been many times and needs to be said again: real migration/rotation
  3. Make all epics represented equally in epic incubators, they very obviously are not and your company shows off its manipulative intent in the process

All of the above especially *number 3 by @Hersh.

My last 5 normal 24 hour/epic incubators have had absolute trash. Brachiosaurus in every single one mixed in with spino gen 2 and secondotosaurus. Is it so much to ask for equal epic odds. Seriously the 3 fuses I get on a legendary will not be game breaking, but rather encouraging.

Bumping for visibility, relevance, and the fact that battles are still cancer.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand a bump