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Fix the matchmaking or add one of two things

The matchmaking in PvP is about as stable as an elephant balancing itself on 4 old wooden chairs, meaning that they will all break in seconds.

I’m not gonna waste time and argue with you Ludia, because it’s probably, and by probably I mean definitely, pointless. So can you PLEASE make the matchmaking based on team power and NOT trophy count!? That way, players who want to go up can go up and droppers can face other droppers, 2 problems solved. If you can’t do that, do one of these two things:

  1. Add a boost and level limit (like in raids) to make it a little more fair.
  2. Add a surrender button so we can quit and try again instead of closing the game and wasting our times. (How that would work: If you chose to surrender, you lose cups and you’re opponent wins cup and an incubator).

Please, just do SOMETHING, ANYTHING?! I can’t be the only one sick to death of droppers with Lvl 30 Nitro creatures at this point?!


Don’t worry, you are not the first to say this.
So many people, myself included, complain that Ludia has to do something.

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No,no,no, not based on team power.
It’s been that way before, it was just terrible.
It has been explained here for several times.

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Oh yeah, what was it like? Explain how it’s ANY BETTER now.

I wasn’t really a player back then, and I asked the same question and they explained why it was horrible. I forget why but I do remember that it seemed worse by their description

Simple. You dun need to level anything. Just play a boosted TRex at lvl 20 and have a full team.of.lvl 20s all maxxed boosted and keep tweaking until you hit the point where you have 90% win rate and fly up the leaderboard. At that point skill doesn’t matter just team power relative to what is around.

Also you no longer need to fear any top 1000 player since you cannot be matched with them anymore.

Better is subjective. For a handful it was heaven. They were getting top prizes while running Marshes level teams. For the players who were 2nd.tier in the top 1000 it was bad. Literally you can drop to Marshes and have no wins. Try dropping 1000 trophies and have no idea how to turn things around.

Get better dinos? HAHAHAHA! Lose some more. How dare you think lvling your team will make any difference!

To me it would make me quit the game completely if they turn to team power matchmaking. There is no reward running a top level team.

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At this point… team power based match making is a work of fiction. There simply isn’t enough players and way to big of a power gap between those players even with similar trophies.

My current teams levels range from 28-22 my boosts are distributed “mostly” on 4 Dino’s with one being completely unboosted and 2 having just enough. Because I’m already working on their replacements.

Match making could find me an opponent with the exact same level Dino’s and the exact same amount of boosts and if I get my heavily invested Dino’s and they don’t it’s a squash match. And if the roles are reversed same outcome.

Matchmaking in thisngame is really unfai

This is why i call the arena a big steaming pile of unfair garbage

I was told by Ludia that the opponents you face is based on team power. I emailed them back and I asked, “So, you’re telling me my team is equal in power to a team of lvl 29-30, AND them having MAXED out stats? My strongest creature on my team is my lvl 25 Grylenken with 3857 health, 1571 attack, and 140 speed, and that is equivalent to a level 30 thor or tryko with max attack and health? I don’t understand how that’s in anyway balanced.”

Team power? That is scary. Since you can actually cheese your way to wins.