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Fix the matchmaking system

I use a team level of 28.5 to be exact.
Consists of level 27 dilorach, 28 tryko, 28 Rinex, 28 dracocera, 29 indoraptor, 30 Thor, 30 Tragodistis and 28 Spinotasuchus… but I’m stuck and cannot progress at 47xx.
I recently leveled 4 dinos this week and last. In the past, I’d progress in the arena as I leveled up my team, now I just keep spinning my wheels.
I was top 500 before boosts and this new matchmaking algorithm. I see so many teams at 23-26 that are well in the top 500.
At that team level, I wasnt even close to being ranked. Actually I was right where I’m at now. So I’m at a worse or same trophy count currently than I was at level 25. All my hard work, grind and time gone to waste.
Today for example, I started this morning at 482x trophies. I won a couple (was not easy) made it to 487x then now I went on a string of losses and I’m back down again 100 trophies at 47xx. Ridiculous.

I’m sure I speak for others as well.
It’s simply not fair we’ve put more time into this game, some more money than these players, yet we stand below them in the arena. Feels like a punch to the gut.


I’ve been knocked from almost 5100 to 4829 since last night and I am still being matched to people over 5400. I’m getting murdered every battle out here and haven’t gotten the chance to fight an AI in two days, no matter what time of day I play. This isn’t a fun challenge anymore; this is just a slaughter. Have they undone the recent matchmaking “fixes,” or something?

One unique at base lvl and you can get matched with team average 24-25.

Have team of dinos from 22-25 and faced this team. His trophy count was little over 3700.

This matchmaking make no sense at all. Old one was bad, but this one is pure trash. With my team can get over 5000 trophies. Then usually get a bunch of boosted Thors without any counters selected and many times bonus flying rat. I have no problem exterminating rats, but it’s hard to counters Thor and rat, when boosted Thor has so few counters.
Heck, in those old tournaments couldn’t even get over 4750.

Ludia doesn’t know how to nor do they care how to design a proper matchmaking system. It’s now 1 year into the game’s lifespan and the higherups have decided that money now matters more than a fun game.


Matchmaking was fine before 1.7. Why can’t they go back to that? It made much more sense.


I think that this is top priority now for ludia. And I have a feeling we will be getting news very soon. We all know there is serious issues going on. Hopefully they will be resolved in the coming days


I don’t have ANY uniques and all of my dinos are 17-20 on my team. I keep getting matched with people with multiple uniques and every Dino 22+. It’s so frustrating to lose 200 trophies in a row some days because of bad matchmaking. I hate it so much. Now I just struggle through to get my daily battle incubators and then stop because battling is not very enjoyable anymore. Battling was also the main reason I liked this game, so I am playing so much less.

Off topic, but I do feel as well the waves of rng does not help. It’s either the crits n dodges comes your way or totally goes the other way in waves. Makes you feel you can’t do much during battles no matter how you play.

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