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Fix the really bad Matchmaking

The matchmaking really super bad
I’m tired to meet lvl 30 boosted enemies when I’m not even close to lvl 30 with any of my dinos.
When I look them up they are way over my arena and maybe 300-500 more trophies then I ever have reached.
Why is it so hard to matchmake me with players that is in my arena or lvl?
Please explain that to me Ludia.


It’s a pest… especially these Thor’s. Quite tired of them myself…

One of my alliance members told me when I was have the same issue as you, that the reason why I was facing higher dinos all has to do with my highest leveled dino. My highest dino is 26 and I am always facing dinos within the level range of 28 to even 30 in Aviary. Yes it is frustrating and I solely blame the distribution of boosts unevenly

that really doesn’t make any sense for me tho. highest level is 23, lowest 20. i get matched with 27-30 level dinos a lot. might be my boost distribution, but that will get itself sorted sometime after 1.14.

It makes no sense to me as well.

By looks of it you are in Lockwood Library? That is exactly the levels of dinosaurs I would expect to be facing up there.

Oh really? So what do you expect in the two arenas above library lvl 34…? … oh wait🤔

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The same but still heavily boosted.

Not much use having two additional arenas imo…

Other than it keeps the high end players with their top level and max boosted dinosaurs up and away from lower players. I’m going to guess that you are at your current plateau point. Beyond this you need to level up and boost up to equal the players above you.

Sure, and if I wish hard enough maybe I’ll get sunshine this Christmas :rofl:

The odds of this happening are even worse than getting any answers from Ludia about their match making. I wish they would divulge what that algorithm uses as parameters. If they want to claim it is IP, I can assure you no serious competition/person/business worth their salt would use the algorithm. They just need browse the forum for a few minutes to see the MANY complaints and unanswered questions surrounding match making. The player with the biggest pocket wins on ladder. Sadly.

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I’ve been in contact with Ludia support about it for weeks. I have data showing how bad matchmaking is, how unbalanced trophy gains/losses are in Library, etc. Fun fact: If you have a 50% winrate in Library through 18 games, you’ll have a net loss of rough 60 trophies! Great game eh?


Library, Depot and Shores are trophies dependent. So if you got into Library means you are of certain standard and thus get matched with players.of the similar.trophy level. This discounts droppers, players who really only know how to overpower and just luck (good/bad).

The flaw lies with some players just buying boosts and then getting stuck in upper Library due to bad boost configuration or just being bad at the game. These players are within 200 to 400 trophies of legit FTP, low boosted players so they get easy matches then meet a proper boosted team and get kicked Library.

The question now is why the range of matchmaking is so large and why such players are unable to escape away from the pack.

It’s a bad algorithm they’re using. I went from playing teams I had no chance of beating to playing teams that had no chance of winning., all within the same trophy range over a span of about 20 matches. It was very streaky, suggesting the algorithm used had flaws rather than available players or the makeup of my team.

It has nothing to do with boosts, RNG or “just being bad at the game”.

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Is it possible t have an algorithm that takes account of the players who deliberately drop to farm incubators?

No, so they should implement an arena lockdown. Once you are in it you stay in it no matter what.

And stop the ridiculous 2 minute wait for a match when you hit 6000 trophies.


IMO, this is the main problem with this game (although there surely are others). I wouldn’t recommend JWA to other people because of the really bad matchmaking. Games are fun when you have the possibility of beating your opponent but just need to improve your skill. When you are matched against someone who could beat all 8 of your dinos without losing 1, then it isn’t about skill and it is definitely not fun. Any gaming company that doesn’t understand this basic principle of gaming needs to re-evaluate their life choices.

The problem is why you get such a match up? I get all kinds of bad match ups and a lot more in 90 mins when me the rest of the top 1000 come down from Nublar to.torment every one from Library upwards.

This is a fair and valid point.

But Ludia make it easy to progress until level 10 where boosts come into play. By which time many players are hooked. So the availability of boosts every day if you have the cash to blow on them will help you create the monsters you speak of. A bit like the best football teams who buy the best players and win all the trophies!

I guess we just need to evaluate where we stand in the order of things, premier league with loads of money to spend or non league with none.

If you are in Lib to Shores, its not algorithm, its just bad luck. You so happen to be matched with someone of a trophy level somewhat you.