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Fix the rng

Its absurdly broken. Mortem has a 40% crit chance yet crits like its 20. Magnus and a 20% crit chance yet crits like its 80. Many dinos have a 75% chance to dodge yet its not actually 75% its more like 10%. Many dinos can increase their crit chance yet not crit while their opponents get a 5% crit. Please fix this broken rng

The key phrase there is “like”. Sure, a dinosaur might have a 40% crit chance, but that doesn’t mean it will crit 4 times every 10 attacks. It just has a higher chance of getting a crit. Even then, it’s still up to RNG, because by the time a dinosaur with a 40% chance gets a crit, another dinosaur with a 5% crit chance may have already got 3 crits. It’s just the way probability works, it’s just a chance, not a guarantee. Some else can explain it better. The short version: Do I think it needs fixing, no, it’s works fine and how it’s supposed to. Do I think it’s annoying? Yes, yes very much so, I have played so many games with RNG elements and it frustrates me, that’s probably the main part that gets people riled up about RNG, it’s just that it’s very annoying to understand and work with. It kinda just takes skill out of the equation.

Personally i’d rather they reduced the RNG and made battling more skill based.


Stun is the only RNG I want gone completely, its the only RNG which effects the opponent, dodge is only on your side along with crits.