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Fix the worthless map!

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Apparently I moderated for any complaint that does not worship the ground that ludia is built on. Despite that I am attempting to still convey that this is pure incompetence. This is not rude. Believe it or not one can be told to they are incompetent without becoming all offended. I am tired of hearing the excuse of drops being altered based on some unknown completely nontrasparent method. The fact I am seeing responses to player complaining about a reduction from 6 to 5 drops when I have literally been forced to suffer 5 drops being reduced to 0 is ludicrous.

Screenshot_20191224-033127_JW Alive|236x500


In the same boat as you

Could not max sanctuary items from the green drops yesterday even after 30 minutes as a car passenger. They have been wiped out. Ludia please fix…