Fix their stun resistance

Phororex and spinocon should have 100% stun immunity. It says they have 75% resistance yet keep getting stunned. They should have q00% immunity. Please fix this.

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Just because they have 75% stun immunity doesnt mean they cant get stunned, you’re just getting unlucky


At least they can be countered by something as little as it may be :see_no_evil:

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I don’t understand, what’s your logic as to why should they have 100%?

There is about a 18.75% of them getting stunned. Most stun moves have a 75% chance to stun and if you have a 75% resistance that means there is a 25% chance of 75% chance for you to get stunned. By multiplying the 2 percentages as decimals which would be 0.75 x 0.25 then multiplying the answer by 100 you get 18.75% chance to get stunned.