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Fix these issues

Precise pounce: should say “bypass dodge…”

Rats: swap prevent TWO turns not working. I had a rat swap out immediately after charging in today. Yet with my ptero I ALWAYS have to do two moves before swapping out (usually die before hand).

Cautious strike: should not be bypassing dodge. An indo two did full damage on my poukan. Perhaps issue is with 100% dodge not working.

doesn’t it say bypass dodge abilities?

if the rats have a cleanse move, which most do whether its cleansing impact or a dig in, they can use it and rid themselves of the lockdown to swap back out

idk if you’re saying it should not bypass dodge as in the move should be changed, or if your saying it shouldn’t be able to do that when you have cloak, but the move does allow the attack to bypass any dodge/cloak 100% of the time whether or not the dodge ability says “dodge 100%”. And if your having trouble with that thing I suggest u simply use a resilient against it


Did not think about the cleanse on the rats. Didn’t realize it was a “cleansable” effect. Will watch for this. I did have a rat charge in today, get stunned by my smilon swap, and than immediately leave without performing a single move.

No, pounce and cautious strike do not say they by pass dodge. Precise pounce use to….months ago. Don’t recall if CS use to or not.

The cleaning of swap prevention from self infliction seems odd. Ptero is a immune to swap prevention yet still needs to sit and get hit 2 or 3 times.

I’m pretty sure they still do, precise pounce wouldn’t really be called precise pounce if it didn’t precisely bypass dodge/cloak. And I’m pretty sure cautious strike still does as well, the move did get a nerf quite a while ago if that’s a change your thinking of but that mainly removed the 2 turn speedup and cleanse I believe, would check in game and provide screenshots highlighting the move description but I can’t atm.

and the thing about that is that if the creature has a swap in, for example vexus, the lockdown is the price to pay for using that swap in, even if immune. Swap ins would be even more of a mess if lockdown immunity affected swap in creatures, people would constantly spam swap ins

Yes. I agree. It’s the price you pay. Being able to cleanse decreases that price. But here nor there, I just didn’t realize this.

Descriptions need updated on by passing dodge:

says its a precise attack, and it feels like eventually after playing the game enough or doing the campaign or tutorials some can realize that little red dot means precise, but I suppose it could say bypass dodge

That’s because it was stunned before it could use its swap-in ability. So it never locked itself down.

Just intrested,what do you except a Precise attack to do?
Go precisely through invincibilty or something?