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Fix this broken battle system

I have fought roughly 40+ matches tonight, trying to break 5k. I have floundered back and forth between 4700 and 4900… Out of those 40+ matches maybe 10 times have my stunning dinos actually stunned, less than that my dodging dinos have actually dodged, and I’ve seen more 5% dinos crit that my 40% dinos. This is broken RNG… I fight from 4700-4900 and I am evenlystched with teams (and thankfully I’ve only seen 3 or 4 people use Dracorex gen2). But just as soon as I try a match over 4900 I am fighting people with level 28-30 dinos… My highest is 25, lowest is 21, which is where it should be for right under or at 5k. So how and why am I facing Max level dinos?! I know they make money off these tournaments and it’s fun to run them, but they really need to fix the battle system and RNG before hosting another one. The only people who win either spoof so they have high level OP dinos or pay out their butts to have Max level dinos… And before anyone responds with “get gud” or whatever dumb stuff trolls say, it’s not still, it’s broken…


Well then there’s your problem! Your team isn’t quite up to the level of competing at 5000 trophies. The battle system isn’t broken (in that respect) it’s just the way you’re looking at it, this is a pay to win/progress game didn’t you know?

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It sounds like you have reached the cap for your team/skill level. When you level up a few Dino’s or change your team up you may progress a little more then hit another cap 100 or 200 trophies higher. You are hitting teams that are stronger than you can defeat with what you currently have. We can blame bad RNG all we want but any team can only go so far in trophy count until they hit that cap. How high that is with any team depends a lot of user skill and how much they rely on RNG to progress. A high skill player will rise higher, with a lower level team and another player with a higher-level team and less skill. And a player who relies heavily on RNG can go way above their trophy cap only to come crashing down when their ‘strategy’ fails them.

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Wrong. To progress you only need to, you know, progress. Whether you do that by paying or playing is up to you.


I find that the further we get into tournaments the harder it is to judge where you “should be” You may have been 5000 range before the tourney, but it is entirely possible that the 5000 range is people with higher level dinos than you right now. I never think about “where I should be” but instead battle until I get as high as I can and then when I start consistently losing (usually 3 matches in a row) or I start getting matched up with teams MUCH better than mine, I stop.


You’re 10 trophies and 1 place below me (Alliance ranking); that’s impressive as I think my team has just got the edge on yours (meant in the nicest possible way!); are you camping?

Absolutely! Haha I know I’m way higher than I should be and won my last battle on luck when my 23 indor dodged everything and crit through a 26 indor evasive for the win. Last time I got this high, I promptly went back down 400 trophies the next day so I stopped battling yesterday. Personal goal more than for the cash and coins. The empty incubator spots are killing me but I am holding steady.

I think I’ll share the campfire with you - looking at the teams above I don’t think I’m ready until I level up a bit more or get Tryko. I like your thinking re: achievement rather than coins/cash. I have another 24 hours before I run out of incubators.

Yes Ludia please fix the glitch in battle system. Last night on few battles, i knocked down draco2. Then he appeared again, draco 2 again!!! Are you kidding me? Then another battle… stegodeus lvl 29, same incident. When I win in a battle with this glitch, no points at all. But when I lose the battle with glitch, I was deducted!
What’s goin on Ludia??? I will accept it if my opponent is well equipped on their team and well strategized but thats not the case at all. Kindly FIX this… Thank U!

What you fought is an AI bot, you don’t win trophies for that and they can bring their dinos out as much as they want.

My biggest problem isn’t the level 28-30 teams, I have only fought a couple of those, my biggest problem was losing tons of matches because my dino that has a 75% chance to stun wouldn’t stun, or 50% to dodge and doesn’t dodge, but facing a Mono or Indo that dodge every turn that it can. Or my 23 Thor going on a critless spree while being crit by a 5% Stegod. It’s extremely annoying and the RNG is more RNG than it should be. The system is broken.

These tournaments don’t show skill it shows wallet size, what they should do is the same as friendly battles and make all dinos the same level for tournament battles, and separate arena from it.

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My highest is indo level 25 and lowest is 21 dioraj. I’m just under 5300 trophies

And two more thinfs, one on topic, one a side note…

  1. The trophy awarding system is messed up too. I lose a match and drop around 30 trophies, I win and get maybe 15. It’s hard to move forward when 1 step back drops tmyou further than 2 steps forward!

  2. Please for the love of everything people if you know your dinos gonna die, please stop sitting there til the timer runs out… Seriously?!


Update. Fought 4 matches, 1st won got 15 trophies. Next 3 I lost. Dodge missed 7 times in 3 matches and 1 stun worked out of 4. Down 100 trophies from 3 matches… That’s broken.

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Yeah tell me about it my team and I are punching above our weight. Not wanting to blow one’s own trumpet but I often face teams with dinos 3-4 levels above my team’s average level but somehow manage to pull off wins by employing a bit of strategy, and having a bit of luck too. But I enjoy the brawl, it makes no difference to me if I loose 100 trophies or 500, I know that I’ll have fun battling back up there again.

I’m in the same boat. I was battling teams way higher than me and somehow winning. I decided to camp until Monday because I know I’m going to get knocked down the minute I step back in the arena. I love battling, but I’m going to stick with friendlies until the tournament is over.


I have actually looked at the reward difference between 5000 and 4750, and it is just 320 green dollars. As long as you are over 4750 in the end, it will be OK.

We should play a friendly sometime. Add me if you like - Kitalon#~~~~

Sure! I’ll add you. I’m Piere87 in game as well.

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You don’t have to pay to win. I think the last time i spent any money on JWA (besides VIP) was $10 for raptor scents. And I’m currently in the top 20. I know I’m not gonna get top 3 but I’m sure I’ll finish pretty high. I’ve spent money in the past but some of that was on dinos that i don’t even use anymore. All of the leveling up I’ve been doing is from hitting my coin and cash limits daily and doing tapjoy offers. And my next 2 dinos are gonna cost 250k coins each. You can still do great without spending money.