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Ludia, just wanted to say you’re doing a great job……at ruining this game. Too much too fast!! Nerfs and Buffs, new tourney format, too many new (OP) dinos with every update and no boost reset in sight. I am a daily VIP player for several years now and am so frustrated with the direction this game is heading. I’m really hoping you can turn this around….I’ve lost a couple team mates this week and am afraid I’ll lose more. Please make this game great again!!


i thought you were gonna say they are doing a great job to this game lol

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My expectation is the now new OP creatures will get nerfed. Many of the new creatures in the past started out a little OP and I leveled them to team level. I used them while they were good. Then they were nerfed and I no longer use them. I have all the new creatures that are a bit OP to team level, using them while they are still good. I’m not boosting anything so if and when they get nerfed a bit, I just replace them with what ever new OP one or those that work well.

Very very disorganized Company.

Because of the poorly designed new creatures, each battle now takes about 15 minutes vs. several minutes before. Extremely unbalanced new creatures make the battles like gambles. You have the right draw of the team, and you win. Most of your previous investment, the time and money spent, went to the toilet because of the constant changes.

On top of that, whatever players posted here, suggestions or non-technical issues, you would get ZERO response from the Company. It’s like other than our $$$, Ludia doesn’t care about what we think at all. Very nearsighted.

I think this is probably due to some short-term revenue goals set by the top. The upper-level management may change constantly, and therefore don’t want to or cannot commit to long-term goals. Although Ludia may get more sales by nullifying players’ previous investments now, in the long run,the game will be destroyed without a stable user base.


You want Ludia to listen to you? Cancel VIP. Don’t spend any more money on this game. Money is the only language Ludia understands.


Very good point, I took your advice!


Cancel VIP. That’s exactly what I did after they nerfed all the resilents without giving a boost reset. It was insulting.


ludia is so money hungry. they want us to buy those premium incubators that has boost that cost like $100

A lot of people canceled VIP and nothing changed. I’m thinking the only way to get to them is to quit playing altogether.

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As a free game player, ( not using VIP ), my thoughts on this issue:

I think Ludia is trying their best for every game they make. As I still am a very new to JWA, I don’t know all the issues you guys have, but being a JWTG player with VIP I can say sometimes Ludia succeeds in dissapointing players many times in my career, but they do try to compensate us for it.

So shoudn’t we not be quick to judge ? My point here is we should give Ludia a chance. We don’t even know what is going on behind-the-scenes ! For all we know they could be trying their very best to help us have a better gaming expierience.

You don’t have to buy those premium incubators or VIP to start with, I have learnt that even with VIP, time and grinding is required to get better at every game.

Just a thought, I hope I got this message to everyone

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Maybe because you are new, so you haven’t experienced too much disappointment when your beloved creature, which you spent a long time building up, suddenly become useless because:

  1. It’s nerfed, or
  2. New creatures come out that are a lot more op
    After this process has been repeated again and again, you won’t believe anymore that Ludia is trying its best for our interest.

Some players have asked which creature(s) should we invest in now, because they can be nerfed as soon as you build them up. Who will get the thrill in a constant testing environment?

In addition, Ludia used to run almost all epic and rare advantage tournaments, now suddenly almost all uniques and legendaries without any explanations or boost reset, so most of our epic and rare dinos we have built with tons of effort become obsolete now. This, you also won’t experience as a new player.


I do understand something like this. Back in the day, JWTG also had nerfs that no one desired ( however mostly fixed except Glythronax’s DNA cost )

And the biggest change that came to JWTG was the removal of base creatures from the Battle Stages. All post - reshuffle 2019 players know this pain very well, as you want to unlock a good hybrid and suddenly you just can’t unlock one of its components forever…

And now, the new tournaments hybrid that come out have stats that pretty much don’t change anything. All end - game players are also still waiting for the desired “amphibian glass tourney hybrid”…

So yes, maybe I may be too new of a player to understand anything going on @Banarel . What I just shared may or may not be similar to what you guys are going through right now. But reading all your posts, and what happened with JWA really recently, I do understand your pain and will probably feel it when I move to higher levels.

Just a thought imho

Is this meant to imply JWtG nerfs are similar to JWA ones? Because they aren’t. In JWtG you spend DNA and food to get creatures maxed up. If they do end up nerfing (which is I should say very rare) it’s only to not make creatures bit too strong with respect to rarity. Said resources can be made back relatively in a much easier way.

That’s not the same in JWA. You invest hard earned boosts, coins, if applicable Sanctuary Resources, etc. into a strong creature only to have Ludia beat it down or have a meta change hence putting it in the dust the following update. Diorajasaur for example used to be a powerful force in the arena but with Grypolyth, Scorpius Rex Gen 3, etc it is now not as viable as before. Definitely not something in line with JWtG nerfs/reworks, far far worse. To some extent I agree with you that we should give them time, but this really isn’t a casual come-and-go issue like in JWtG.

Hence I will not recommend equating JWtG nerfs with JWA ones.


Thank you for clarifying. I’m still new to JWA sooooo I didn’t know resources were this hard to get


Not just resources standalone, it’s more about investment of said resources as @Banarel said. One could spend coins, boosts, etc into Phorurex, Indotaurus, etc without a clue if or not, and if yes then how much they’ll be nerfed later on. Not going into the creatures’ analysis instead just giving an example. That or it can be spent into raid creatures (Tuoramoloch, for example) which wouldn’t be much viable in the arena. Unlike JWtG where you can spend or invest on any creature and still have use for it, here it’s not as simple, instead when and how Ludia would rework creatures is unexpected.


I understand the situation now, thanks @Jurassic_Fury

If this is going to persist then I wonder what will happen to JWA. You spend investements into a creature and then its gets buffed…
It makes me wonder what is going on in JWA. I hope as I continue to level up it will be better and better…


It will only get more frustrating… imagine spending months leveling up and boosting your dino to a point where it’s actually capable of competing against the best only to have Ludia nerf it and not even offer a boost reset so you can redistribute those boosts elsewhere. It’s really just a greedy bait & switch. I cancelled VIP over it.


Oh well 10 chats

Exactly. This is nothing comparable to a JWtG nerf. The other game does not even nerf creatures except for once in a blue moon, but we definitely can’t say the same about Alive - to such a point that investing in creatures is now an activity to be thought about a hundred times before proceeding with it. Lack of boost reset is an additional setback for those players who invested in formerly powerful but currently not as good creatures. That with the fact that we literally face actual players in the Arena, and adding Tournaments to the list now as Unique Advantage is popping up more often.


The tournament part said it all for me. After a year or longer of rare and epic tournaments we have now had 6 months or so of legendary and unique including unique advantage. This was never a thing in the past. I don’t have any legendary maxed except 2 and they are worthless as of updates from last year. I have max level unique but nothing to compete against boosted ones. We might as well be playing arena. I’m just going to finish boosting my rare and epic and leveling them to max. Then I’ll work on the legendary and maybe boost some unique.