Fix this issue

U said you would solve this problem

Ouch that really hurts.

Just had a Kapro do that …needed that dna

When I am trying to get thor but Ludia is just making it harder :neutral_face:image


I really needed this dna too…grrrrrrr

click on a dinosaur on your team and then quickly switch back to the map and the dinos will spawn before the tower and you can quickly tap the dino before the tower appears


I’ll try that next time

Doesn’t work for me that way. The structures load before the Dino’s pop up. But as another poster mentioned above, Ludia said they would fix that problem by having a dup Dino spawn next to the SD and once you caught it the Dino in the water fountain would then disappear. I know why they didn’t fix it, but I don’t feel like getting yelled at by the cheerleaders today.

Doesn’t work that way for me either. Might depend on the connection speed.

Try going in to dart another in range dino, hit the exit button in the lower left and then dinos should load before the structures.

Also yes, this really should be priority #1 for Ludia

I do the workaround mentioned earlier in this thread, but often I have to try a bunch of times as the dino and the strike tower come up at the same time.

This has to be one of the worst bugs in the game! WHY isn’t Ludia doing something to address this issue??

I used to spend money on this game, but I refuse to spend any more until they fix this problem.

It really worked for me.