Fix tournament pairing

Is there a way to adjust who you have to go against in tournaments based on the level of the dinos you have? I don’t know officially how it’s set up or what decides what you go against.
I just truly am tired of going against people who are so much higher level than I am. I haven’t been able to get a single takedown from it since all my dinos get on tap

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I found this out a few weeks ago and I think if you start early like in your case 48 minutes when the tournament started you face harder opponents because they start doing the tournament early so they can have the top spot.

Do not tell me this was the most difficult and the rest full 24-26

The whole reason we got the changes to the starting trophies was their answer to this. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work. I’m starting to think the trophy gaps are too large (ie. a player with 860 trophies could get matched with someone that has only 650*).

*I don’t know for sure if that’s possible, but it would explain these match ups.

Welcome to advantage tournaments where fairness=0

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