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Fix vip please

last time i checked i was vip…

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Do you play 2 accounts? One is VIP and the other is not. It can show wrong flipping back and forth but you should still be able to grab stuff in the 200 meter range. But even if you do just have the one account…

Close the game. If you have an android phone, clear the cache. Go to Settings :gear: -> Storage -> Internal Storage. Once its done calculating, tap on the 'Cache Data; and hit the ‘OK’ to clear. Then reopen the app.

I have to do this when portions of the map doesn’t load. It kind of sucks you have to be a bit of a tech expert just to get this game to function right.

no, only one account. just a reminder for them to fix their bugs.

Mine does the same thing. I dont even get a yellow xp cirlce sometimes

Can still shoot past the regular circle tho like Orion said

Hey there, @Pateradactyl, it really does seem weird that you cannot see the extended range from being a VIP member, since the circle around your level is yellow! Our support team would be glad to take a closer look at things on their end and verify whether you’re still benefiting from your VIP subscription, so reach out to them at and they’ll try and help work things out. Keep in mind, however, that our support staff is operating under holiday hours, so might take a bit longer before you receive a reply. Thanks!