Fix your game


I have been playing this game since the very day it was released. You would expect someone playing as long as I have to be pretty far in the game. Ludia however has other plans. I haven’t been able to make any progress for months now. Not only are rare and epic dinosaur spawns waaaaaaay too infrequent but the one supply drop I had easy access to was removed. Just poof. I live in Arizona where the temperature seldom drops below 105 and can reach a temperature of over 120 I cannot go outside very often this is completely ridiculous I want easier access to supply drops and Fairer matchmaking. Jwa has become completely unplayable


I would suggest giving Ludia your location directly in the help and support for you to access locations easier.

Having an issue, it still would need to be addressed and known as to where, when, why, and how.

Don’t forget they have lots and lots of responses daily.


I DLd the game the 1st week of june, Ive spent VERY modestly and I was in ruins prior to the update. Ive been climbing since the reset and Im almost back to ruins, win 1 lose 2, win 3 lose 2. It wouldnt be fun if you won all the time and to echo what someone else said, you do seem to overachieve then stumble back to normality. God I wish we just had a pinned post that said if youre losing too much stop playing for a day, battling for a week. Level your team, mentally catalog ypur mistakes and jump back in.


That would be good, but how many people would you compete against that will have done the same thing. You would be required to remember everything about everything and one mistake could cost you 5 or 6 games straight.


Why are you playing the game if getting better at it is too much to ask! Yes, others will also be improving and learning because thats how to win.