Fix your matchmaking system for once

1.7 dropped and I lost several hundred trophies. Then 1.8 came out, it seemed I recuperated all these trophies lost reaching the gyrosphere depot at 5500. Pvp season started and trophies were reset to 5250. Cool. Set a personal high score of 5619 and suddenly since yesterday Ive dropped nearly 500 trophies again.
I too leveled tryko up to 29, but Im constantly getting paired up to fight full team level 30 dinos. It’s not like my combat “skills” have gone out the window and now Im losing that badly. Im still playing the same way I did when I reached my personal high score. Like Ive lost so many trophies again, yet Im still constantly playing lvl 30 teams. How can someone progress like that? My lowest level is a Magna at 25 but it is underleveled as my team is level 28/29. Yet im facing people who have Magnas at 28/29 while the rest of their team is 30. Meanwhile you have lower team levels already guaranteed way more pyroraptor dna since they’ve been able to climb their way up without battling these lvl 30 teams.
Do you not know how to revert to the system you had prior to 1.7? 1.6 was fine. So many players asking to do something about it yet you do nothing. Like come on. How spinning your wheels fun? It’s not.


Totally agree. The battle matchmaking was set to even ot thr naked hey im losing about 14/15 games before I get a single win! My finos ste more powerful and skilled. Pretty sad when a level 4 majundasuchus takes out a level 24 deinocherus! (Forgive the spelling)