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Fix your spawn rates

Some of these epics might as well be legendary. I don’t know about you guys, but I am camping Local Area 1, constantly. Concavenator? Typical… see them all the time. Compy? A bit more rare but findable. Sino, somewhat rare but then at least there’s a raid every week. Ankylosaurus? Oh it only builds one of, if not the best, unique tank in the game as well as Ankyntrosaurus, which you need for Tryko… never… to… be… found. If I see one of these every 8 hours of gameplay, I’m doing well. And what’s with the uncovering thing? If you’re going to make it so damned rare, just put the thing out in the open. No bosses to grab DNA from… events once in a blue moon… yeah, this spawn rate needs to be fixed.

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The game always will give you what you need the least. So just pretend like you do not need any Anky :slight_smile:

I mean, I would love to see some more Compys. But all I see in area 1 is Anky. And I really do not need that…

Hint: The unique hybrids of Concavenator and Compy anyhow are much better than Tryko and Dio. And I hate to say this as it still hurts to see my fully boosted Dio sitting on the bench :frowning:


Yeah same, I’ve walked around for hours looking for anky but I’ve found 0 the spawn rate for epics in general should be fixed

Better for PvP? Yeah, probably true… but for a number of raids, Diorajasaurus is pretty much a necessity.

Yeah, but good enough getting to lv25

I’ve noticed that non-hybrid Epic DNA is basically impossible to obtain.

Whenever I look at fuse requirements for dinosaurs and one of the components is a non-hybrid Epic, there is a strong inclination to pass on it. I know that even if I technically have enough to create that Legendary, it’ll be virtually impossible to upgrade with any regularity, because I’m not going to see an ounce of DNA for the Epic component until it is the subject of an event again.

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Those can be a grind-a-thon to build but at least they’re buildable. Scorpius (unique) was a breeze to make compared to what I’m going through to make Diora and Ardentis. Epic spawn rate can literally lock you out of creating a lot of these dinos.

Granted there are people who’ve been playing this game for 3+ years and this isn’t an issue for them, cause they’ve collected so much DNA along the way but for those of us trying to put together dinos for unique+ raids… it’s a serious roadblock.

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Oh and I’d never suggest that they lower the spawn rate by design for certain dinos, maybe even for certain periods of time… but coincidently, there is an Ankylosaurus incubator up for purchase right now…