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Fix your Tournament medal system!

Everything good and new, but the wrong win and loss of medals in tournaments continue… I recently faced someone 300 medals ahead, who was and still is top 10, and I lost 40 medals! How tha hell is this possible? C’mon, enough of this! Not only it’s unfair to me, but also to the others that are competing with him up there. Unless they also get lucky and win 40 medals from others way behind them… I had this happening in my favor, but never with this much difference in rank (I always go look at the opponent’s rank when I win or lose 40). Anyways, still BS.

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Same problem in the actual arena. Ludia should really make the medal/trophy system only award you with a 30, give or take.

They shouldn’t give different amount of medals on skill tournaments to begin with…

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True dat my pal