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Fix your tournaments already

This has been going on for months. Long before 2.0. Every single tournament theres some kind of glitch that paralyzes you and makes you unable to interact with the game. I had to restart twice and it cost me the battle. It dosent matter what kind of tournament it is this always happens. Please fix it


I mean come on

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Come on

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I had this last night. I was using my phone’s wifi too, which is usually faster and more reliable.

Just lost a match I was winning to this stupid bug. As if a bad connection and distance from the servers weren’t bad enough.

It’s like the game is giving me a tour of all the possible bugs I could encounter😣

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@Qaw That’s just not right…:expressionless::expressionless::weary: Ludia needs to get it together

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We give them so much money and they can’t even fix the simple stuff that we have been asking for forever. It is ridiculous. They only “fix” stuff that will bring them money