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*fixed* Amazon non-rider players deprived of finishing daily and weekly duties

Since the new Seasonal Hub update non-rider players playing on Amazon devices are deprived of the possibility to finish their daily and weekly duties, thus missing out on season currency, runes and ever getting Gobbers packs. The reason for this is that in order to finish all the tasks, we are obliged to watch 1 daily video (8 daily videos for weekly tasks) which is not possible, since there are no videos/ads for Amazon players. There never have been any. But before the update, we didn’t even get the option. Now there is the option, but when we click on it, it says (roughly translated from german): “No video available. Please try again later.”

Needless to say, I’m tired of waiting and tired of missing out on Gobbers packs, runes and season currency.

Ludia, please fix it. Give us other daily/weekly tasks or give us videos, but let us be able to finish all the duties.

edit: The 1.62 update, which finally arrived for Amazon last night, has fixed the issue. Thanks!


You might be able to get ads if you download the Google Play store app and then download the Android version of the game. I did that on my old Fire Tablet and I never had an issue with ads. I stopped using the tablet a few months ago though.

I agree that this is something they need to fix though. Both the ads and adding in an extra duty above what is needed for the pack in order to make up for impossible duties. For example if you use Toothless’ journey, some days it runs over 24 hours and you can’t do your exploration, and it stops you from getting the pack.


Yes, I considered using the google play store, that woud have been my next try.

BUT with the new 1.62 update, which finally arrived on Amazon last night, the issue was fixed. Thanks a lot ludia, this makes the game enjoyabel again. Indeed I wanted to wait with this topic until I had seen the update, but when 7 days had passed with no update, I grew impatient.

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Thanks for this explanation, now I understand the issue I am also expiriencing for months. I wrote 3 Emails to Ludia Support - no answer…

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