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Fixed chest rewards

You remember when you were able to collect 888 coins from chest at level 20 from anywhere in your range?
It’s over. It’s know only for chests in your close range, otherwise it will be only 222 coins. It will take longer to hit the coin limits now.
I was hoping they didn’t notice it :pensive:


Yes i noticed this morning, not too bad since we are able to open it from range and at least is fixed at 222 regardless range…

Why are they even so stingy with special event drops? It now totally defeats the purpose of “888” being a lucky number for lunar new year.

Does this also mean that the 3-hr treasure chest event will also suffer from reduced coins at distance?

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Yeah, bummer. Fun while it lasted. :wink:

Related, did the increased coins and cash from the stops for VIP end with the extended range?

I know the boost did on Feb 4th, but I mean the traditional “get 1.5 normal” for VIP.

It must be they suddenly noticed the huge drop in people buying :money_with_wings: to convert to coins to level up dinos and investigated why and found they were giving out too much coins.


They really can roll out silent fixes to things the community likes quickly.


Remember when they fixed the bug that lost them money but still can’t seem to get anything the players benefit from fixed?


Amazing how quickly they fix any bug that benefits us, whereas it takes them ages to fix any detrimental bug.


As i wrote in the thread i opened (which is now unlisted) because i didn’t find this one:

“Seems logical from a the perspective of the new system, and if they would have had it like that from the start i wouldn’t have thought about it. Now it’s another player-benefitting bug fixed as soon as possible while other major bugs still are around.
(At least there are still enough chests around to complete the daylie cap easily.)”

That’s the main point, why do they care if we collect the coins faster when is pretty pointless cause it’s fairly easy to collect the max anyway?

It sounds more as a statement:

  • “We want to make the game as painful for you as possible. We will fix bugs that benefit players in less than 24h but we’ll make permanent bugs that really make your lives difficult”.

We have confirmation that they actually have the capacity to fix things quickly. When they don’t it’s because they don’t want to…


In fairness they did fix the bug that stopped alliance missions continuing even faster than the fixed the chest bug

Yes but it was a critical bug (unable to advance mission, limited time to do so) opposed to a minor change

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