[Fixed] Once again, wrong mission rewards

The alliance mission rewards that were supposed to diplod/pachy have switched to anky/procerath before we are able to collect them.


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Same for me

Why did the alliance rewards change early? It is suppose to be one more week of diploducus and pachy but instead it says anky and procerathomimus. Or am i missing something?

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Must be that hour delay again… Wow!
Curious which we’ll get when we collect in 45 min.

This has happened before. I assume that if this can’t be fixed in time and we get the wrong rewards, we can write to support, tell them what we were supposed to get, and be sent the proper rewards, just like last time this happened.

I mean, I could certainly use Anky, and Christmas Ostrich DNA is always welcome, but I was really looking forward to that Diplo…

Informed our team. Thanks, everyone!


I need Anky and Elasmo, but could use Diplo too.

Please fix this before we can claim.

I’m not collecting yet, but if it doesn’t get fixed I hope we can get the correct rewards sent to us. I need that Diplod!!

I hope it will be fixed. Dont want to miss Diplo dna !

I needed that Diplod, since is so exclusive. It has now become SO exclusive, even alliance missions don’t reward it now. Well played. :joy:

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whew I guess I’m glad I didn’t claim yet?

Told everyone in our alliance not to claim rewards, until we see how issue will be solved.


The previous mission rewards should have ended today @ 10 am est, yet it was switched out so we only received the previous reward once. That is unethical action in Ludia’s part. Do right by your player base and give us the previous weeks rewards times 2, since this was a monumental screw up.


We did the same. I need that Diplod too badly to risk it.


My gemini L23 need that diplo :stuck_out_tongue:

Next week should be everything back to normal as most of the world will switch time to DST (summer time) as North America already did.

This is not acceptable. We need compensation.


Double Diplod in our inbox?! Sounds good to me! Haha