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[FIXED] Scheduled treasure chest is missing today (7 may)?

Anyone see a treasure chest today?

Edited: the problem fixed. Thanks to @Ned and the team.


None at all

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Not here 1010

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Me either. Didn’t see the treasure hunt in-game news either.

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I saw a pop up this morning when I logged on but never saw any chests. I guess this would fall under their “quests are subject to change” policy.

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I was looking for the treasure chest and unfortunately not found

Their right next to the Koola

I received a pop up notification too but no in-game news. Before they always had in-game news if we had one,

Hey DPG members, thanks for reporting this, our team is looking into it!


Just got to say, the game is looking a lot better since the patch yesterday

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Has any one seen a treasure box yet.

yes, with me the treasure boxes arrived


Yes. I’ve seen one this evening.

Suddenly, it spawn in my area. Thanks for a quick fix. :grinning:


Yes, I’ve seen one

I see one, but it’s too far to go for it.

Good news should get some here too soon tks