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Fixes for iPhone XS Max?


I searched the forum and didn’t see any specific reports of issues for JW The game (not Alive) related to visual and interaction issues when playing on iPhone XS Max. The same issues did not occur with the previous iPhone X.

  1. Scrolling through a set of beasts is painful because the area overlaps with the bar at the bottom of the iPhone screen:


The scroll area needs to move above the iOS navigation element.

  1. The Max’s camera notch will obscure elements on both the left and right side of the screen depending on phone orientation. The notch was accounted for very well with iPhone X but is not being accounted for on the Max.

  2. Many screen elements are placed very close to the edges of the screen, much more so than when on iPhone X. That probably explains the issue with the scroll area above as well.

Overall, JW The Game just needs some TLC to make it work better with the new XS Max. Thanks, and keep up the great work.

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Hey anson42, thanks for reporting this to us. Our team would be glad to take a look at this if you reached out to them at with your support key and with that screenshot included in your email.


Will do, thanks.


I updated this morning. Thanks for the XS Max fixes!