Fixes for Silverhand Weapons

After completing 3 events, i can say that so far, all of the Silverhand weapons have been underwhelming.

The wizards get a melee weapon that is actually more of a liability in battles than a help. It’s powerful, but shevarith shouldn’t be in melee is you can help it and with dominate it’s more likely to hurt your own team. One round of dominate and the fight is over for her team.

Halbenet’s and Raika’s are actually bad, they just aren’t worth the effort of resources required to get them. I mean, after dishing out that many gems and that much time, they should be worth it, right?

The game lore is that Silverhand is forging these weapons specifically for the characters, right?

So as an analogy to that, the devs should listen to the players as to what they want in these weapons. maybe even make a contest of it somehow.

With that in mind, what would make the Silverhand weapons useful?

To start Shevarith’s shouldn’t be a weapon at all. The effects are more in line with a secondary item like a mask or tome. My fix would be to put it in the tome slot with a decent cool down, and tone down the power level a bit. That removes the dominate liability and makes it occasionally useful.


Like I’m totally for a fix for now only priest weapon is okey only because i lvl it up to 2. Counter for raika is bad i suggest " you cant heal" for a turn it will give a lot of strategy and with 20% chance shall be balanced :slight_smile:

Agree that the weapons have been underwhelming. Maybe they get a lot better when they level up but given the rarity/difficulty/ of getting the weapons I doubt many will find it worthwhile to bother trying to level these up. I think the overall mood about the silverhand weapons has gone from excitement to bust.

The only fix is for players to avoid spending resources on such useless items.

It was obvious the Silverhand items are cash grab. This is why Ludia chose to obscure the item specs.

Additionally, the developer never specified these useless items would be favorable. In the D&D world powerful Legendary Items are favorable to those manufactured by a skilled mage.


Yes they are bad. Just skip the events.

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Alternatively, instead of boycotting events, we could offer some ideas as a community to make them better. Who knows, maybe they will listen…

Then explain why my win rate has gone up with the use of these “bad” Silverhand weapons.

You are getting better at the game and your characters are leveling? They aren’t all bad, just not worthy of the resources and hype.

@Clancularius, listen to player advice is often considered by developers. However, the Ludians adamantly choose to do their own thing, even avoiding the best and easiest to implement fixes offered by users.

I spent maybe 500 gems total for all 3 which is a bargain seeing the cost they sell for in store. Didn’t buy gems either got them all from game or link reward for playing. I see plenty of players using these “bad” weapons too so it’s not just me.

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I agree with @Clancularius about improved win rates. It is certainly not the Silverhand weapons that are improving players rates. It is more likely player improvement, a lucky streak or the flawed matchmaking algorithm that are offering these results.

The Silverhand weapons are worse than others as intended.

My win ratio only improved after I started to use the same gear that was kicking my butt

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Don’t worry, the Dev’s baby toon Tommus’ weapon will be not only wholly viable for him, but also ridiculously OP to add to him already being ridiculously OP to begin with. so all you peck fans will be happy, i’m sure.