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Fixes I have noticed

First off THIS IS NOT A COMPLAIN ABOUT BUGS THREAD. It is to discuss what fixes people have noticed that came in 1.9

Personally I haven’t noticed many but a big one was that Instant Invicibility Vs Run move fix, the shield only lasts on the run move

What have others noticed?

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Tany got fixed! Much excite.


I’m hoping it truly is a fix, seems the bug with “cannot attack” has been fixed. Paramoloch stunning me also has not frozen my attack icons this time post-stun.

Other than that, I have not noticed any fixes, unless you call making scents blind to parks a “fix”.

cmon, they fixed 300+ bugs, we must find at least 10.


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Fix It too

My girlfriend and I finally have the same map again. Don’t know if it’s coincidence or if it was a bug that got fixed, but it’s nice!

Woo hoo! Glad your girl got taken care of!

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The fixed the DNA cap bug. You can no longer get DNA over the cap.

Yeah, I’ve noticed. Same goes for normal shields. I hope it also applies for the dodges… Also, the Draco bug of being pinned for more than 2 turns is back.

So, only good news here.