You need a Carnorex and a Carnotarus Gen 2. Fix the stuns. I dont even use stuns to stun anymore. If I am faster I use them as a free hit if it has an added attack or as a move to open a move I have to wait on. They rarely work. Its seems like 1 in 10 times stuns work. Also when it comes to dino structure. Commons should be the base. If you take 2 commons and make a rare. The best of both dinos should be allocated to the new dino. So the new dino should have the higher health of the 2 and the higher attack and speed of the 2. As well as the best attacks and defenses of the 2 should be present in the new dino (same as buffs and debuffs). You shouldnt combine the 2 and lose the best attack and best defense of the dinos you combined. A common should never have a chance against a unique or an apex. The lowest rare health and attack should be the mid health and attack of commons and so on. Build the health and attack of combined rares off of above. Then extend this formula forward. The coin cap for daily boxes should be raised as well as how much you get per box dependent on your level. If you have vip there should be a x added to both. If you are vio a x should be added to anything and everything you get. Outside of store content.