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Fixing antractovenator

Ok, lets get dis started, why is antractovenator a wild card when it is litteraly a cunning fierce? And why even try to give it a counter when nullyfying counter is absolutely useless!? And not only that, why give it revenge instant ferocity when it has nullyfying counter? If u use rif it is basically a waste of a turn. And the only reason its made is just to be there for no reason. and also, there is another wild card which is not a wild card, i think u know what im talking about, it is vexus. Literally, i feel evil fluffy (diplovenator) is better than rebel fluffy or what thegamingbeaver calls, super evil fluffy (antarctovenator.) Revenge instant fercoity is a waste of a turn unless it has a counter which antarctovenator has, BUT IT DOES NOT ATTACK. i swear nullyfying counter is one of the most useless counters ever. Why cant u give it decelerating counter like antracticopelta. ure it would be too op, but here are the fixes it needs.

  1. Change cunning strike to defenite strike like evil fluffy (diplovenator)
  2. Change dfense shattering impact to cunning impact.
  3. Instead of nullyfying counter, give it medium resielient counter so it is really a “wild card as u say ludia.”

Not only that! Why entelolania even has entelol in it when it is litteraly like a hybrid between meolania and mamoth


Wild card doesnt have to slow down.for example rhino which has other ,resilent”
Moves like group shields or taunt shields

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Cause armor that why it wild card

armor doesnt matter on a wild card

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antarctovenator has NONE of these

and im not talking about the wild card mistake, im talking about the nullyfying counter and revenge instant ferocity. these moves do not work very good

Mhmm but nobody talks about why the others are Wild Cards.

I’m more of a fan of:

1400 attack

Defense Shattering Impact To Distracting Impact

Distracting Rampage To Defense Shattering Impact

Null Counter To Decel Counter

Not a hard change

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if we put decel counter toventer would be too op

he’d still have a good amount of counters, mostly thanks to his low armor stat. health is also still low enough. when boosts are factored he’d be even stronger but have more counters

Decel counter + definite counter = Null counter???

Typical in game logic :muscle:

It has the same amount of armor as Allosinosaurus and Utasinoraptor, and they aren’t part resilient. I don’t think armor is enough to qualify as resilient, especially less than 25% armor.


Wildcards don’t realy have to be all 3 classes they just need to have a lot of difrent moves, like put antarcto agains a fierce it has distraction, agains a cunning is immune to it’s distraction and has armour to back it up as well as can nullify the dodge, agains a resilient has armour, can shater.

However i do think vexus should be cunning fierce

Onto the actual buff tho

It has some of the worst execlusivity-power ratios, as it has an execlusive epic component, and a local epic and rare, so one of the hardest uniqes to make. It looses the impresive counter of evil fluffy and poorly uses the uniqe move of pelta that is RIF. And what makes it worse is that having a move like that combined with a powerfull counter would have been one of the coolest things ever.

Now i think that double distraction would be a very powerfull combo for this but i feel like DR might even be a waste of a spot i feel like it should keep CS for any turn potential distraction, and it’s quite a bit too slow to actualy utilise the double distract combo anyway.

With RIF and it’s curent dmg and the PS counter it would be incredebly strong, so i don’t think it would realy need a rampage, so i would say maybe change rampage to group taunting shields, as this gives it more of an identity as wildcard and taunt in raids for the counter would be cool

But rebel fluffy is too weak. its counter should atleast be changed

The thing is, unless those moves represent all three classes, one of the hybrid classes will always describe the dino more accurately than Wild Card. Take Monostegotops: it has a lot of different moves with deceleration and dig-in (shield, healing, cleanse, speedup), distraction, and a stun. Not one part of that is fierce (the only possible exception is the armor piercing on swap in stunning strike, but if that was fierce enough to make it a wild card, then Woolly Rhino and Sinoceratops would have to be fierce-resilient). Wild cards are supposed to have good options against opponents of any class, and Monostegotops doesn’t have any strong fierce options to use against resilient. Therefore, Cunning-resilient is a much more accurate description of it. So I do think Wild Cards by definition should have to represent all three classes, otherwise they would just be one of the other hybrid classes.

As for Antarctovenator, nothing about it is quite resilient enough to be a wild card in my opinion. Yes it has armor, but only 15%. By that logic, Allosinosaurus and Purussaurus should be fierce-resilient, and Utasinoraptor should be Cunning-resilient. If it had 30% or 50% armor, then maybe that would be a better argument. And distraction resistance is a resilient trait, but also a cunning one. Of the 29 dinos immune to distraction, 23 are cunning, 5 are resilient, and 2 are wild cards. So Antarctovenators distraction immunity could just as easily represent it’s cunning side as it’s resilient side, if not moreso. As for nullify, while it does nullify dodge, it’s just as useful against shields and ferocity, so it doesn’t really belong to any class. Besides, most dodging moves you’ll find don’t do damage, so a nullifying counter doesn’t help against those until they attack you. If anything it would also be cunning, since most creatures with nullifying moves belong to the cunning class. Even Diplovenator is more of a wild card than Antarctovenator, since two of it’s moves specifically counter dodge users, and the rest of it’s moves are cunning or fierce.

So I currently consider Antarctovenator to be a Cunning-Fierce. However, all it would take to change that would be a slow or shield, or even a couple of precise attacks.

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Not true at all, but on a creature like this, it is. Null counter is something for speedsters who will deny any shields or ferocity effects to take place after already attacking to stay up on them. But tov is slow and this counter doesn’t work, but a decel counter would make it better


Evil fluffy? Rebel fluffy?

This is my version
Basic stats:
4200 health
1300 attack
110 speed
15% armour
Cunning strike
Revenge instant ferocious shield ( gains 50% shield for 1 turn )
Definite impact
Distracting rampage
Precise slowing counter
Distraction: 100%
Rend: 34%
Stun: 100%
Speed decrease: 100%
Vulnerable: 100%

My thoughts on antarctovenator

A counter attack would make it good again