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Fixing Bleeders

Before I get into this please note that I have 2 ideas, the first one I’m iffy about because there are lots of unintended targets. But with that aside, here we go

Option 1: Full Immunity doesn’t n out deflect your from bleed but the partial immunity does. However, some creatures with that partial will lose it. Here is that list:
Mammotherium (idk this guy has suffered a lot already)

Option 2. Giving every hybrid bleeder a way to deal with immunes (most of us should know why hybrids)

Here we go:

Suchotator: No change

Thylo: HP becomes 4500 again (I know he’s not really a bleeder but he need his health back)

Schaphotator: idk how to fix this

Dimodactylus: HP becomes 3900, Gains Armor Piercing Counter, and attack becomes 1000. Note that these changes could just get slapped onto its hybrid

Spinotahraptor: No Change

Spinotahsuchus: Gains immune to Decel, Strike becomes definite strike

Darwez: No change

Spinonyx: Def Rampage becomes Precise Shattering Rampage

Porcus: Def Rampage becomes def impact (ATK becomes 1400 if so)/Precise Shattering Rampage/DSR

Spyx: HP becomes 3300

Definite Impact
Revenge Distracting Impact (Revenge: 2x Damage)
Lethal Wound
Nullifying Counter

Vexus: No changes

Precise Rampage
Null Rampage
Exploit Wound
Wounding Counter
On Escape Rampage/Evasive Strike
Immune to Distract

For the options

  • Do option 1
  • Do option 2

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For the buffs

  • I agree with all of these
  • I agree with most of these
  • I agree with some of these
  • I disagree with only a few of these
  • I disagree with all of these

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If you disagree or have different ideas, don’t hesitate to let us know down below

Also I get 2.0 is right around the corner but maybe @moderators could pass this along?

I think spinoconstrictor hp is too much for a bleeder with 2 rampage and can spam sidestep, i agree with the other opinion

Actually a valid point ima fix that, but the double
rampage is cause low attack

Maybe throw in the swap in definite strike for spinotah from kapro and remove the immunity


@th3bub14 Giving Spinonyx PSR instead of DSR is kinda a nerf

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What about stygidaryx?

Armor: 0
Crit: 0
Lethal swoop
Ferosious strike
Defense shattering ramapge
Swap in wound
A good revenge killer, comes in do ferosious strike then a DSR and goes out with lethal swoop

But that 2 turn cooldown is really dumb

Idk how to fix that either

Its attack could be raised. And maybe one of its swoops could also deal physical damage, like wounding impact and run or something

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Thing is, daryx is prototype spinoconstrictor, so it’s designed to beat counter attackers

Trouble is, is that it’s got nothing going for it against immunes. The only Immune it’s useful against is getting Erlidominus to waste it’s Cloak by surprising them with a Swap-in Invincibility, then using Cleansing Swoop to swap out into something that can deal with Erlidominus more effectively, and that’s it.

As far as stats go, I wouldn’t change it. But it DOES need another offensive move, so maybe upgrading Lethal or Cleansing Swoop into an Impact-type move, or losing Instant Invincibility in exchange for getting a Definite Impact and 15% Armor, I think would make it much more effective, useful and even dangerous. Maybe even knock it up a few classes.


I totally agree with giving it another damage inflicting move it’s a shame it’s not as powerful as it should be considering it took me so long to get it

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The problem is, most bleeders focus on bleeding too much. They can do very good damage to anything nonimmune to DoT, but they can’t do much against these immunes. For example Spinosaurus has GW and EW and can bleed many creatures, but can’t do anything against immunes. To fix this, hive him Wounding Rampage instead of GW. With right move order, he would be capable of doing 3x damage while bleeding too.
And while many bleeders need a change like that, meta must change too. Remove DoT immunity from Rhino, Porcus, Mammoth and his hybrids. Turtles can keep it. Remove Gemini’s Immunity too, it would for sure allow bleeders to make a comeback in upper arenas


I feel like Spino could do well without adding physical damage into the mix. Just add 50% Distraction for 2 turns to Exploit Wound, and give it No Escape.

Bleeders are excellent candidates for On Escape abilities, because swapping can be the difference between winning and losing a matchup. So I think they should get more of them.

Also, it would be really cool for Spinotasuchus to get SI-Definite Strike and Cleansing Swoop. That combo would just be really cool to pull off.


Speaking of On Escape abilities, here’s some ideas.

Spinonyx and Erlikospyx could get On Escape Ready to Crush (from Bary G2)

Dilophoboa could get On Escape Lockdown Rampage (which is basically No Escape but with damage) and Spinoconstrictor could keep its low stats, but get On Escape Lockdown Devastation (which is basically No Escape but with even more damage, the ultimate On Escape ability).
Dilophoboa and Spinoconstrictor would also get Swap-in Distraction. Combined with their On Escape abilities, all you need to do is swap them in when your low-health opponent is likely to swap, and instant kill.

Monolorhino could get On Escape Defensive Stance.

Darwezopteryx could get On Escape Pinning Swoop (basically No Escape, but with Swoop attached). Stigydaryx could do with this ability as well.

Scaphotator could get On Escape Ferocity, and Dimodactylus could get On Escape Dust Cloud.



Lethal Wound has no delay. But lethal swoop does. I say, ditch lethal swoops delay.

Give Daryx decelering shielding strike for its base strike.

Give Daryx defense shattering impact or rampage since Darweezy has it.

Give Daryx immunity to stuns instead of immune to DoT.

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What about Shielded Superiority Strike?

It still wouldn’t really help him much in immune meta. The purpose of Wounding Rampage is to give Spino any tools to deal with immunes better. His damage output just shouldn’t be only DoT

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