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Fixing epics, rares, and commons

Buffed to be more fierce and now has slow immunity!
Should be better vs tanks now

Overall buff since it was pretty bad

Speed increase. Attack buff but health nerf and now has a rampage! Health was lowered to keep dot immunity. gave it a rampage for more chomping power vs tanks.

Health buff. Attack buff and now immune to distraction and dot. like the other two rare hybrids needed buffs now is immune to distraction and bleed should do well vs fierce

Big health buff. attack buff. dot immunity and stun resist overall should be better

Now immune to slows and distraction

Overall trying to make brachio better

Small hp buff cause most cunnings need it since they are pretty bad atm

Like elriko gen 2 and slimo buffed vs fierce
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Small attack buff and a big hp buff. shouldn’t die to easily to fierce now
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big hp and attack buff

Health buff with also speed stun resist and now immune to slows! should be a much better tank killer

My goal here is to give cunnings health buffs soo. also now is immune to dot

Making carno a true tank killer!(slow immunity and stun resist with a health buff)

Lost swap in for more attack (maybe should also keep it idk)

Making it a good raid healer so health and speed buff and now is immune to slows and stuns

Making sarco more fierce so it loses the strike in turn for fierce strike and getting some health attack and speed buffs

Ceratopsians are bad atm so buffing them so be better!

Small health and attack buff cause losing immunity hurt it pretty bad so also gains distraction resist

Like with eino ceratopsians are pretty bad so it gets some hp, attack, and speed buffs

Health buff like other cunnings since losing immunity hurt it a lot

Making woolly less of a annoying swap in for 1v1 tank

Buff see trike and eino

Needed a small buff to help

Got some big buffs to help vs tanks

Replaced armor piercing impact with fierce and buffs to health and attack

Hp buff to help it fight tanks better

Attack buff

Making pteros better so hp and attack buff with immunity to slows!

Extra 340 attack should help it

I reworked raking claws in something i wanted to make terror birds into too (probably a bit to strong so remove the dot from raking)

See kelenken

Pretty big buffs to help it since it was very bad

Like with all my reworked pteros slow immunity and overall better in terms of dmg

Buffed to health and attack to make it better with slow immunity like other pteros.
Now can swap in shield!

Reverting nerfs it got while buffing it’s attack to make it better overall and so it make sense why suchotator has 116 speed and 1300 attack

Health buff so it does better vs fierce

Small attack buff and speed. Somewhat big hp buff and now has 15% armor!
Trying to make it better since it takes a lot of dmg from cunnings

Small attack buff to help it stand out a bit

download (35)
Speed buff so it’s a better raid dino healer and now resist stuns!

These changes fix some issues with these dinos, i gave pteros immunity to slows since they could use them and make them better tanks/ tank killers. i gave a lot of cunnings hp buffs so they aren’t so useless. removed cleansing strike from arco and allo but buffed their health with other fierce getting hp buffs too. made some healers better with slow and stun resists/immunity. fixed some stupid nerfs.

Thoughts ?

I’ll do bottom half later

Trying to make tenonto better healer, base 1000 attack is pretty bad for a healer so buffed attack by 430 and speed. now is immune to stuns and vulnerable

Like with tenonto low attack isn’t good for a healer so attack buff by 300 plus speed buff.
goal here was to make it better healer and some better dmg output

Adding slow immunity to help it a bit and some resists

Giving allo gen 2 more health to take hits and now can pin and stop pesky swap ins. also now can take out diplo

Giving seco a much needed crit chance and some extra dmg to help take out tanks. Slight speed buff.
Thought seco could use some love so

Giving arco more health and speed+slow immunity. Should help it fight tanks much better oh and a slight attack buff and now can pin

Making spino overall better. Can now rampage if needed and not is immune to dot and resist stuns

Making this spino more of a threat to tanks. Now has slow immunity and rampage with a health and attack buff

Slight buff in attack and some extra armor. Now is immune to slows so it can take out tanks no problem oh and stun resist (should of replaced vulner strike to fierce)

Making posto be a lot better. gained attack hp and ferocious imapct! should be much better and like old posto. oh and dot resist

Making kentro better, brought back thago and it now targets all opponents (stegosaur only move)
attack buff, speed buff and hp with armor piercing counter 0.5x dmg

Want eagle to be better and good cunning pick so fearless is now a impact and also gained distracting impact and big health and attack buff with immunity to dot and distraction also stun resist. Since it’s a exclusive creature gave it much needed buffs

download (22)
Almost revert but gave it thago back and it also now targets all opponents and big attack buff

Buffing gorgo since it felt underwhelming (low attack and two strikes and no distraction on ramp)
Should be a lot better now and useable

Simple change but a well needed one! really needed some extra dmg

Big buffs for little kapro. gained ferocious impact instead of strike. health buff. attack buff. replaced cleansing group strike for fierce impact (maybe should of been cleansing impact but oh well)
Now also resist stun

Small buffs to help ovi keep up with other cunnings (immune to dot health buff and attack)

Another simple change but a good one

download (16)
Giving utah some buffs to health since it really needed it (2250 which is tiny even for cunning)
Attack buff and now gets it’s crit impact back!

Simple but good. Now has distracting impact instead of strike and is immune to dot

Always thought mono needed more health for it’s lower speed (wish i give it a bit more like 4150)
and a much needed attack buff oh also is immune to dot

Making koola better with dot immunity. Health buff. attack buff and now has distracting rampage

Big attack buff and replaced instant distraction for strike. It very much needed a attack buff since 1000
is not good for a cunning

Giving dilo small attack buff with a pretty big health buff since it’s slower then most cunnings and now is immune to distraction

download (10)
Now for deinocheirus. a very much needed buff and now can distract with pounce! should help it a lot better vs fierce and some stat buffs

Gains much needed buffs. replaced distracting strike with impact gained fully immunity to dot instead of 50% and also swap preven and 50% distraction with health and attack buffs

Gain a nice health buff and attack buff also replaced 2nd ramp with null impact. Now resist stun

download (9)
Well needed buffs. Replaced group strike for new and improved thago (targets all opponents)

Reworked tuoji a bit. gained health, attack and speed buffs. Replaced group strike for thago. loses slowing counter for med to lower it’s power a bit

Another ptero getting much needed buffs. now resist distraction and is immune to slows with and slight attack buff

Like with alanqa, it’s now immune to slows and swaped impact and run for resilient rampage

download (3)
Apato getting much needed buffs. now has group impact instead of strike and attack buff with 50% slow resist

Giving giraffatitan small buffs. extra 120 attack and small speed buff and 40% distraction resist

Argen was nerf for some reason and this fixes it. gains group impact instead of strike and replaced extended crit strike for crit impact and gets attack and slow immunity buff (probably my fav change here)

Amarga lost it’s rampage a while ago. this reverts that change and gives extra buffs (distraction resist and attack+speed buffs)

You are just posting pictures.
You are not explaining your changes and why you think they should be made.

For many people that will be rather overwhelming, and it won’t seem like a discussion to them, and they will ignore it.


It fixes pteros being trash, so i gave them immunity to slows reverting some nerfs and changes they did with also buffing cunning hp so they aren’t so bad

This isn’t Facebook or Instagram. Use your words, lol.


if you wanna see messy typing then sure

Okay how is it now ?

There how is it now ? i’ll do the bottom half later

Why does pteradon have Nullifying impact

I like a lot of these, but I disagree with Diplodocus. It needs a nerf, not a buff. Specifically, its ability to do 4500 damage in two turns allows it to beat pretty much every relevant fierce dino. I wouldn’t touch the base attack stat though: that allows it to kill 3000 hp cunnings in two hits without using it’s strong attack, and that’s important. I would just switch its strong attack from decelerating rampage to decelerating impact. Then its max two turn damage output is 3750, not 4500. Still plenty enough damage to defeat most cunnings, but no longer enough to beat chompers.

There’s a lot that can be said about a lot of these, so I would slow down and explain in more detail why you made these changes. Even then there’s still probably too much to discuss. Some controversial dinos can fill multiple threads just by themselves, let alone three entire rarities.


Dude did u even play this tournament, if draco g1 needs a buff then idk. Same with andrew and ornitho as well as trike, and keleneken needs that damage to be able to do something, didn’t read all of em but i prob have problems with more of them

Edit: diplotator does not need a buff, if anything a nerf, giving it distraction immunity makes it be the same agains fierce but much better agains cunnings, wich considering it’s cunning fierce u do not want

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Theres quite a few that i agree or disagree with but the ones that caught my eye were terror birds

Giving them immunity to decel is straight up agains the class system and raking claws should be like it’s right now it’s way of an overkill, keleneken is fine it may need a small buff like maybe a lil extra dmg but thats it litery it it’s actualy pretty good and raking claws is fine.

half of these things don’t need the buff. Some dinos have moves that cleanse distraction and don’t need distraction resistance. Some can cleanse dot and don’t really need dot resist. Some don’t need speed decrease immunity, etc.


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Used to have it before trash class update though armor piercing ramp probably would of been better

There’s way to go about that without reworking an entire rarity. Slapping a bunch of resistances and weird moves (why did everything with ferocity get FI, why did Spinos need a rampage, why did Dakotaraptor lose DR, why does Diplod have full distraction and speed reduction res?) doesn’t fix the meta, you need to be careful with it, otherwise you go from one broken meta (1.14) to another broken meta (2.0)

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1 pretty sure curse words aren’t allowed

2 if u play the tournaments u should be more then aware that andrew is more then usable ur literaly goin agains what u just said as that gets us to using andrew spesificly even more and not new fierce like lets say scapho


Posto with FI and adrenaline surge would be like rixis but useable in rare non hybrid tourneys(obviosly not neraly as bad but it’d be kinda there)

Hybrids don’t need to have exactly what their components have, spynonys is completly fine with what it has and it’s components don’t need to have the exact moveset it has

How did u think dakota having 2 rampages would be too strong but not realise diplotator having distraction immunity, shatering plus ferocity would be balanced…

ok. what is up with the stat numbers? they seem all over the place. I literally don’t understand how or why those numbers were chosen. and on top of that some resistances and moves don’t make any sense or give any explanation as to why they should be changed.

a basic: most cunnings need more hp to be better isn’t going to cut it for people when you’re explaining changes. you’re going to need way more substance. why you thought the creature needed the change; explanation of why stats, moves, and immunites changed; and how the match ups change.